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March 30, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Reiki is a simple process that can have a profound effect on the body. In the easiest of terms, reiki is an energy healing technique that works holistically on the body, meaning that it uses natural healing vibrations to treat the mind, body, and spirit. The main purpose of the treatment is to not only support the physical mind, but to also promote a positive well-being and mind. Additionally, reiki can be beneficial in causing overall mental wealth, in which you can enjoy life more and maintain your energy levels.

March 29, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Amid COVID-19, for many, their day-to-day life almost seems to have come to an unexpected stop. With many being asked to stay home and seek refuge among Netflix series, Hulu binges, and maybe the occasional arts-and-crafts session, we sometimes try to forget or block out the realities taking hold. With the practice of social distancing becoming paramount, it's only natural to feel anxious, bored, unmotivated, or even frustrated for how to adjust to the new normal. But in these times, it's essential to prioritize self-care.

March 28, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Have you tried the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle but still get a craving for meat and the perfect home-cooked steak? Or looking to try to ease your way into a more healthier diet or lifestyle? Try considering going flexitarian - yes, you did read that correctly. Flexitarianism is not a made-up concept created by those "vegetarians" that tried to argue with you when they accidentally ordered ribs for dinner as a "special occasion", but much rather a diet and lifestyle that allows you to create some middle ground in wanting to the benefits of being a vegetarian while still allowing meat in moderation. 

March 27, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Social Distancing - where did that term even come from? It is a weird thing to think about, but during these strange times, it might just be one of the most crucial things we need to start adapting to our lives to ensure our safety and those of others.

March 26, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Although New Year's is long gone, it is still important to create better habits that can be beneficial to our own health and fitness. While working outlosing weight, and gaining muscle may be some of the top resolutions that appear on may peoples list, some often need to consider the resolution and idea of "staying hydrated." According to the Harvard School of Public Health, drinking enough water each day can be beneficial and critical for many reasons - including to regulate body temperature, keep the joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to the cells, and keep the organs functioning properly.