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A Smartwatch For Everyone

In search of a smartwatch back in 2015, we couldn't find one with a price tag under $100 - so we decided to build our own! About a year into development, we had working prototypes ready to connect to our smartphones via Bluetooth, and headed into production.

iTOUCH Wearables Is Born

iTOUCH smartwatch hit the market in October 2016. With all of your standard features in tow, iTOUCH quickly sold out at all of our retailers. iTOUCH now adds easy access to the voice assistant on your phone as well as a calendar app. Keep an eye out for the sleek iTOUCH AIR coming soon!

iFITNESS Activity Tracker

2017 adds the iFITNESS Activity Tracker with notifications. Equipped with a step, distance, calorie and sleep counter, the iFITNESS comes ready to wear with an extra band in the box. The iFITNESS app adds much more: step and sleep tracking with history, sedentary reminder and smartphone notifications make the iFITNESS an accessory you'll never remove.

DEC 2015
Idea for Smartwatch
FEB 2016
First Samples Designed and Prototypes Produced
OCT 2016
iTOUCH smartwatch arrives
NOV 2016
iFITNESS Samples Designed and Prototypes Produced
MAR 2017
iTOUCH AIR Samples Designed and Prototypes Produced
APR 2017
iFITNESS Arrives
JULY 2017
iTOUCH AIR Arrives
iTOUCH Pulse, iFITNESS Pulse, iTOUCH Round