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Creative Games for Kids with Walkie Talkies

Creative Games for Kids with Walkie Talkies

January 27, 2021 / Gabby Coles

In the age of smartphones and gaming consoles, walkie talkies may sound like ancient technology...

But even in 2021, kids can't get enough of these hand held communication devices. Do you recall the childhood magic and wonder of walkie talkies? Every one has a memory of themselves and a sibling or friend running to opposite sides of the house just to talk to each other through them. They are the ultimate tool for fun games to play inside or outside!

What makes walkie talkies novel in the 21st century, is that it's an electronic that still allows you to use your imagination. Whether you want to incorporate them into a classic game, or just for good old fashioned playing pretend, here are some creative games for kids with walkie talkies!

Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? Hand out a list of items that you've hidden, walkie talkies, and let your kids and their friends run wild.

One twist you can make to the scavenger hunt challenge is to split the group into two teams, and give them one walkie talkie each. This allows them to report their progress down the list to each other, encouraging teamwork, organization, and prioritization.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a classic game of strategy where teams attempt to steal each other's flags from the opposing base. This competitive game can be made even more interesting when walkie talkies are involved.

Perfect for big and open areas such as a park, two or more teams hide their flags, and then the hunt begins! Walkie talkies allow for teammates to communicate their status, and alert their friends when they need to "jailbreak" out of the enemy jail.

Eye Spy

Eye spy isn't limited to road trips. Just two walkie talkies can adapt this classic game to be played anywhere!

One kid takes the role as “I Spy", separates from their friends, and seeks out an object. When they return, the other kids head out with their own walkie-talkie and search around the area looking for objects of the hinted color. When they find one, they ask over the walkie-talkie if they have found the correct item. The person who locates the correct item gets to be the “I Spy” next!

Role Playing Games

A lot of the professionals that children look up to use walkie talkies.

Secret agents and spies use them on important missions to get in touch with HQ; Police officers and firefighters use them communicate with each other; Nurses rely on them to reach their colleagues for assistance. A walkie talkie in the hands of a child is a perfect tool for acting out their greatest fantasies.

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