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Mindful Breathing Exercises That Reduce Stress

When was the last time you took a moment to just breathe?

Breathing exercises are proven to help quell stress, fear, and even reduce anxiety symptoms. Many doctors prescribe mindful breathing as a coping mechanism for when their patients are feeling overwhelmed. Simply breathing slowly and deeply helps us access the part of our nervous system that reduces the overwhelming feelings of stress. 

Guided Breathing with iTouch Wearables

For our newest line of smartwatches, the iTouch Wearables team brainstormed for features that would benefit our customers the most. 2020 was a rough year, and we realized that everyone can benefit from some relaxation.

We came up with a ton of new and great features for the iTouch Air 3 and iTouch Sport v.2020 smartwatches, but one we're all really in love with is the new breathing exercises!

Whenever we need a moment to unwind, we turn to our iTouch Smartwatches and activate the "Relax" mode from the easy to use touchscreen. A pretty lotus flower spreads and folds in with our breaths, while gentle vibrations indicate when to inhale and exhale. It's so satisfying to see our heart rates slowly lower with our breaths - and even more satisfying to feel the sweet release from stress!

A Great Tool for Meditation

Mindful breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress while at work, before bed, or on the go, but we also like to use this tool for meditation. Meditation can be used to focus your mind and eliminate any stressful thoughts.

First, find a comfortable and quiet place to rest, whether sitting, laying down, or even standing - do what is comfortable for your body. Remove distractions like you phone, and close the door so you're less likely to be disturbed.

Deep breathing is the foundation to a great meditation session. Focus on just your deep and slow breaths, concentrating on the feeling and sounds of your inhales and exhales.

One way to add to your meditation is by repeating a mantra along with your breathing. Whether in your head or out loud, repeating positive words or phrases like "I am grateful for _____" or "peace" can help improve your mood and outlook on situations.

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