Smartwatch Benefits for Remote Workers - iTOUCH Wearables

Smartwatch Benefits for Remote Workers

Smartwatches are a great tool and convenient aid that can help offset the drawbacks of working from home. How will a smartwatch improve your telecommuting experience?
The benefits of photography for kids

Photography for Kids - The Benefits

Photography is an accessible and popular hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. Thanks to technology like smartphones and cameras specially designed for kids, it's never been easier to get your c...
New Year, New Gear: The Latest Tech from iTouch Wearables - iTOUCH Wearables

New Year, New Gear: The Latest Tech from iTouch Wearables

iTouch Wearables debuted three new and improved adult smartwatches this year - the iTouch Air 3, the iTouch Sport 2, and the iTouch Sport Special Edition. What are the newest features?
Black Friday Deals From iTouch Wearables - iTOUCH Wearables

Black Friday Deals From iTouch Wearables

Don't miss out on Black Friday Deals on!

A "Witch's" Guide To Self Care

The phase of the Full Moon is the most powerful of the cycle, and therefore the most conducive to addressing major issues or challenges you may be facing. Focus on things that are of the utmost imp...
Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas

No Halloween is complete without at least one pumpkin having been carved. Jack-o'-lanterns are a fun craft to make that allows you to get your hands dirty while getting into the spooky spirit of th...

How Many Calories Are In Your Halloween Candy?

Who doesn't love Halloween? In all honesty, Halloween has to be one of the best holidays around. It is a time for ultimate creative expression - a chance to be anything you want to be without a fea...

How To Pick The Best Fall Produce

Autumn not only brings in cooler weather and falling leaves, but it also ushers in a new conglomerate of produce into our local grocery stores. Use this article as a guide to new fall produce optio...

Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends

As seasons change, so do our fashion choices. In addition to swapping out tank tops for sweaters and shorts for jeans, new fashion trends also present themselves when a new season begins. So, keep ...