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Photography for Kids - The Benefits

Photography for Kids - The Benefits

January 22, 2021 / Gabby Coles

Photography is an accessible and popular hobby that people of all ages can enjoy. Thanks to technology like smartphones and cameras specially designed for kids, it has never been easier to get your child started on honing their photography skills.

Besides contributing to development and learning skills, photography encourages communication and planning skills. Kids who take part in photography have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings in a creative and healthy way.

Ideally, kids should have access to a camera that is durable, easy to use, and that properly fits into their hands. A camera made for adults in mind can be a big investment, and may not be what your child needs to get into their new hobby - the quality of a cellphone camera just isn't the same as a real one.

PlayZoom Just Released a New Camera for Kids

PlayZoom is a beloved and trusted brand of smartwatches made just for kids. That quality and fun seen in their best selling kid's smartwatches can now be found in their latest releases - the SnapCam Duo!

SnapCam Duo

The SnapCam Duo is a digital camera and video camera. It takes high-resolution images and has a 4x digital zoom. It also has a built in selfie camera and photo editing! Kids can customize their pictures with stickers, borders, and other effects!


It's more than just a camera...

The SnapCam Duo also comes with 10 educational and fun games installed that encourage problem solving and movement!

Our favorite is Adventures of Bim! - A maze game reminiscent of classic arcade games!

No Break Design!

The SnapCam Duo's durable design is ideal for children who like to play or take photos while on the go. Dropping or knocking into the SnapCam Duo won't break it, so parent's don't have to worry about their kids getting upset about breaking their camera.



Cute and Cool Styles!

The SnapCam Duo comes in six different fun colors and patterns for boys and girls!

Visit the For Kids section to see all of the latest tech made just for little ones, and never miss out on the latest from PlayZoom by following their instagram

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