Fourth of July Backyard Activities with iTouch Wearables

Fourth of July Backyard Activities with iTouch Wearables

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With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching and vaccinations being administered, barbecue invites are being sent out like never before. Whether you’re welcoming over your close relatives, family friends, or the whole block, it’s great to have some ideas as to keep your guests entertained in a covid-friendly environment. This article has grouped together some of the best outdoor games and activities for you to have to complete the perfect Fourth of July get-together. 

Spike Ball  

Boy playing Spike Ball

One of the most popular outdoor games that has taken over college campuses and beach parties alike is Spike Ball. With the goal of keeping the ball in the air off of a net on the ground, this game allows for multiple participants to engage in a high-speed, thrilling match. Spike Ball will certainly draw crowds and is perfect for an outdoor gathering. 


Bean bag on corn hole board

While Spike Ball will have you working up a sweat, the classic game of Cornhole offers a slower-paced, yet equally as competitive activity. The object of Cornhole is to toss your team’s  beanbag into the hole of the opposing team’s board, situated about thirty feet away.  What’s great about this game is that you can purchase themed Cornhole sets. Many retailers sell patriotic stars and stripes sets, which adds great decoration to your party. Not only does this game look great, but is great to play, too!

Water Activities

Child on Slip n Slide

With any luck, this holiday will bring beautiful weather. However, a cloudless, bright and sunny day brings hot and sweaty kids with it. Anything to cool off your kids (or frankly adults as well) would be great to have set up in your backyard. Slip n Slides, sprinklers, water guns, or even your backward garden hose can go the trick. Red, white and blue water balloons also allow you to continue the patriotic theme, while helping everyone cool off. Water balloons can also be used in a water balloon toss, a fun game that people of all ages can participate in. 


Badminton racket and birdie

If you're looking to get many people involved in a game, badminton is a great way to go. A net is painless to set up, and large teams can be formed. While using the same net, games like volleyball may also be played. At a barbeque, it’s great to have activities where lots of people can be involved. Another event that invites many but is less physical than badminton is tie dying, something that is also perfect for the Fourth of July colors. Having an artistic event alongside those that are more active provides a wonderful change of pace, and allows your guests to take something fun and patriotic home from your function. 

The perfect accessories for activities like these are the products sold here at iTouch Wearables. Watches like the iTouch Air 3 and the iTouch Sport 3 can track all of your activities by measuring steps, recording specific sports and games, and is waterproof (ideal for the Slip n Slide). Both of these products also serve as a remote from your phone, allowing you to control your party music playlist from your wrist. The extended battery life of these watches also gives you flexibility and eliminates any chance of you having to be pulled away from the festivities because of a dead smartwatch. These accessories are the perfect assistants for a memorable Fourth of July party.

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