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Best Dog-Walking Workouts

Best Dog-Walking Workouts

September 26, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Increase your daily grind with your furry friend! Today, people do everything with their dogs. Well, now you can even workout with them. Spending more time with your dogs will make them happy, as well as yourself. Instead of thinking of walking your dog as a daily chore, you can now make it fun and beneficial.    

Dog Walking = Best Exercise

Best Dog-Walking Workouts

Many of us hate running on the treadmill or jogging hours and getting nowhere, but we all have our furry pals. Walking your fur baby can ultimately be the best exercise you will receive during the week. Fun fact: being with your dog actually makes you want to walk more and for longer time periods. When you walk your dog, you tend to lose track of time because you are so focused on them. Exercising your dog is better for your mental health as well. If you notice that when your dogs are happy you tend to be happier, too. Walking your dog can also be a simple way to achieve your daily cardio goal. Cardio does not always have to be a vigorous workout, for it can simply be a nice stroll in the morning with your puppy. Don't underestimate the power of dog walking! 

Hiking With Your Dog

Best Dog-Walking Workouts

Hiking is one of the best activities that you can do with your dog, especially since it's an inexpensive and noncompetitive exercise as well. This is a more strenuous activity though, so be sure that you and your dog can handle it. This is a great thing to do on the weekend with your pup to get away from all your stress and anxiety. The natural smells, scenery, and sounds are great for you and your companion's mental health. Before you go, you should pack for both you and your dog's anticipated needs, such as plenty of food, water, and snacks. By taking your dog on a hikes, they are more likely to stop mischievous activities like chewing on furniture or shoes and digging up the yard. It is a nice break from their daily routine, as dogs have a natural sense of curiosity. Watching your dog along the trail will make you see and notice things that you normally never would. There are many beautiful things in the world that we do not take the time to notice, but dogs see it all. Traveling up dirt trails and hopping over streams work your legs and helps to keep you and your dog toned. Hiking can also decrease aliments for both of you. It can help to avoid arthritis, obesity, and high blood pressure. 

Everyday Dog Walks 

Best Dog-Walking Workouts

While most of us do not have the time in our daily schedules for hiking, we can modify our daily walking routine to include some more fitness. One thing that is good for you and your pooch is to run and walk in intervals. By running for 2-4 minutes followed by walking for the same amount can become a great cardio routine. You and dog will break a small sweat and increase your endurance in the process. You guys can also release some reckless energy you might have built up inside. If you have a smaller dog, you can also incorporate them into other exercises you may already be doing. Instead of doing your average squats, hold your dog with both hands and use them as a weight. Each time you come up from the squat, extend your pup upward with both arms. This becomes a harder workout for you and a little more fun for the dog.  

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