Best Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Best Benefits Of Coconut Oil

There are many benefits of coconut oil, and many of you probably already have a container of this, too. If you aren’t using it already, winter is the perfect time to take advantage of the inexpensive and miracle product. Here we show you some of the best benefits of coconut oil to try this season.

Health Enhancer

Coconut oil contains an unusual blend of short and MCFAs that are linked to special health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol. Another compound in coconut oil, MCTs, can speed up energy usage and digest as fast as sugar in the body. Therefore by adding coconut oil into your diet, you are creating a natural weight loss aid.

Deep Conditioner

Hair can become dry and brittle in the winter due to the cold weather and wind. To restore your hair’s moisture, apply a generous amount of coconut oil to your hair before bed. The vitamin E contained in this oil helps to nourish the hair from the inside out, rebuilding the protein to make it stronger. By using this leave-in conditioner as an overnight mask, you will notice a silky smooth finish with much less frizz in the morning.

best benefits of coconut oil

Makeup Remover

Regular makeup removers can be too harsh on your face during the winter. Instead, apply coconut oil and wipe away the dirt, makeup, and grime without the dryness. The oil will clean and moisturize at the same time, making for a useful oil cleanser. It melts as soon as you begin rubbing it into your skin, removing even the toughest makeup you applied.


Exfoliation is key in the winter to remove the dryness and dead skin cells. Apply coconut oil as a simple face scrub to leave your skin clean and moisturized without the expensive price tag and harsh chemicals. You can also apply this on other parts of your body to keep your skin fresh and extra smooth.


After a good exfoliation, coconut oil doubles as a moisturizer. Not only does it smell delicious, but it’s super light and incredibly moisturizing. For those particular harsh winter days, sleep with a DIY face mask made from coconut oil to restore hydration. Additionally, coconut oil can replace any expensive eye cream. Simply rub a small amount under and around your eyes daily for maximum results!

best benefits of coconut oil

Lip Balm

We all love lipstick, but hate that it can leave our lips feeling dry in the colder months. To fix this, mix some pigment with coconut oil and apply it to your lips. You’ll be left with a beautiful color from the lipstick, and amazing moisture from the oil. You can even apply coconut oil as a lip balm without any color to cure chapped lips.

Cuticle Cream

There really is no better cuticle treatment than coconut oil. To keep your nails happy and healthy this winter, apply a small amount on your nails and push back your cuticles as usual. The same goes for your toes and feet! For the ultimate pedicure treatment, cover your entire foot in coconut oil, put on cotton socks, and go to sleep. When you wake up, your feet will be softer than ever, with no more cracked heels.

Shaving Cream

If you’re one who decides to shave in the winter, use coconut oil as your shaving cream. This will prevent razor burns and dry legs, just by applying a thin layer. The result will leave your legs feeling super soft, smooth, and moisturized.

best benefits of coconut oil

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