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How To Create Positive Karma

How To Create Positive Karma

January 20, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Karma - it is the art of "what comes around goes around". Whether you believe in karma or not, it is important in being good-natured and sharing an attitude of gratitude with those around you. If you put out a good attitude, it will come back full-circle - a cause and effect. This circulates around of the idea of strategically being altruistic or unselfishness. It is preaching what we are taught when we are younger: "Do to others what you would want others to do to you" or "life is much more about what you give rather than what you get." Keeping these in mind, it is actually quite easy to generate positive karma! With these tips, we will help you find some ways to create positive karma (and hopefully get some back too!). 

Start Off Small - Offer A Compliment

Offering someone a compliment can make a huge impact in creating positive karma. Think about it - have you ever had a day you've gotten out of bed, feeling somewhat drained and tired, and have gone out somewhere when someone tells you that they like your outfit? Didn't you feel instantly better about yourself? Compliments are instant mood-boasters, a way to show people a little kindness and compassion. Plus, it costs nothing to you! We suggest in starting with a friend or your local barista if you are too nervous to do it to a stranger. 

Live Truthfully 

No matter the size of the lie, there are always going to be people that are impacted. If you get caught, you are creating issues within trust that cannot easily be repaired. People may find you to be untrustworthy and deceitful, which in the end, creates a greater negative impact on your life than if you told the truth. In living truthfully, it is about being open and transparent with people. You will find that people will begin to be more trusting of you, and you will draw in more trustworthy people into your life. Lying can be exhausting, so it is best to remain truthful not only to live more authentically. In doing so, not only will you create a positive impact on those around you, but also for your own mental health. 

Help Others

Ahimsa is an ancient concept translated from Sanskrit meaning that one should live within peacefulness and nonviolence. Literally translating to, "absence of injury," it is the idea that in performing acts of ingratitude or violence, will one generate negative karma. It is best to help others, thinking compassionately on a way to create a positive impact to you and those around you. It is said that "a life spent on others is a life well spent," generating gratitude and appreciation for the efforts you have put in to help them. Whether you volunteer or simply help out a neighbor in need, these are great ways to create positive karma. 

Be Thankful

Offering thanks is a way to spread gratitude to those around you and show a sense of sincereness and unselfishness. It shows a deep appreciation for that person and their gestures. Not only will it positively impact their lives, but it also creates positive karma in showing others that they can be thankful for your work and your gestures when they need it too. 

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