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Tricks For Creating Positive Vibes

Tricks For Creating Positive Vibes

August 27, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

We've all been in settings where we don't receive a good vibe at all. Whether it's the place or the people, you get a shock of fear across your body and feel unsettled. Nonetheless, you don't have to ensure in these environments any longer. You can change any room with these easy tricks for creating positive vibes!

Smile Like You Mean It

Tricks For Creating Positive Vibes

Or until you actually mean it. A smile can light up any atmosphere and become contagious to the people around you. Not to mention, a smile and laughter combination gives off a confidence that makes others want to enjoy your presence. This is a great and simple way to create positive vibes at a party, event, class, or gym! Working hard with a smile also makes time fly by much faster, so why wouldn't you want to give it a try?

Acknowledge Everyone You See

Tricks For Creating Positive Vibes

Even if you don't know them, you always want to acknowledge the people you pass or you are in the room with. This is especially important in professional settings where you want to make a good first impression. Just by locking eyes or  nodding in silent acknowledgement makes you seem confident, friendly, and opens the door for conversation later. After this step, the quickest way to give off a positive vibe is to introduce yourself to others. Say your name and be sure to ask open-ended questions for conversation. When someone feels acknowledged and you’re truly interested in what they have to say, they are more likely to engage and share in your positive energy.

Change The Conversation

Tricks For Creating Positive Vibes

If the room is low or there's tidal waves of negative energy, it's up to you to bring some positive thoughts. Everyone knows that misery loves company, but you need to change the conversation in a subtle way without forcing positive vibes down someone's throat. You can easily act as this agent by realizing as soon as a conversation is brought to the negative side, and drawing it back across to positivity by offering a better string of thoughts. No matter how bad the situation, there's a light side to everything. 

Silence Is Golden

 Tricks For Creating Positive Vibes

That is, in a conversation where you can go silent strategically. Don’t be rude of course, but do silent at times in an effort to steer the person’s vibe toward openness. In reality, constant chatter never really gives people time to consider a full train of thought. We need silence in order to think properly and process what they want to say. Giving someone this room allows them to feel as if their thoughts count, so they can actually speak fully and respond thoughtfully. Then when people feel like this, their self-esteem and confidence increases, creating positive vibes all around.

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