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How To Be More Body Positive

How To Be More Body Positive

August 09, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

The truth of the matter is, many of us have not made peace with our bodies. Even if you feel really good about yourself, there's always going to be outside factors that knock you down. Therefore it's essential to keep your health goals in mind while keeping a healthy mindset. Here's how to be more body positive today!

Be Kind To Yourself

How To Be More Body Positive

Sounds easy, but we all knock ourselves down every once in a while. Stop saying these negative thoughts and putting a bad image of yourself in your head. Everything can be spun into a positive light, so try to have more good days than bad. Applaud yourself for trying no matter what the outcome is, and always have gratitude for being in this world. Self-acceptance is a hard journey, but it starts with being kind to yourself each and every day.

Set Boundaries & Speak Up

How To Be More Body Positive

Setting boundaries is one of the most important things in life. With your job, relationship, personal life - it's essential for your mental health and physical well-being. It's not a shock that setting boundaries will help you become more body positive. You need to honor your own needs first, and not let other peoples' problems become your own. Of course you can support your friends, but if it's triggering you, then speak up and redirect them to someone else. The same goes for other people who body-shame you or make you feel uncomfortable with certain word choices. Tell them how you feel, and make sure it's addressed so they respect your self-esteem and mindset. 

Curate What You See

How To Be More Body Positive

A big thing that kills body positivity are unrealistic photos on social media, TV, and magazines. You can't really control what's in the media, but you can adjust what you can. Consciously curate what you see on social media by unfollowing people who make you feel bad about yourself. You want your feed to be nothing but positive influences so your mind is only seeing ways to be more body positive. Besides, why would you want to follow negative influences in your life anyways?

Use More Humor

How To Be More Body Positive

You shouldn't have to educate people about body positivity or explain yourself to anyone. Nonetheless, you can add humor and keep you conversations light when talking about it. It makes you and everyone listening feel more comfortable, without diving too deep into the topic. This goes for anything you say or someone else says to you. It's basically putting a funny, positive spin on negative body image comments. So relax, breathe, and start accepting yourself for how you are today. 

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