Why A Better Mood Leads To A Better You

Why A Better Mood Leads To A Better You

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Long days and sleepless nights are everyone’s enemy. Try something new to make yourself a more positive person - it will pay off more than you would think. Here's why a better mood leads to a better you!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Why A Better Mood Leads To A Better You

We all have our days - our best days, where we feel untouchable, like nothing can go wrong, and our darkest days; the rainy, dreary, curl up in my bed and do nothing kind of days. Believe it or not, if we learn to transform our worst days to more positive days, it will affect our performance and how we think. Our mood impacts our ability to problem solve and how we feel, which impacts how we think. There have been several studies that show better performance when you are happy - so maybe that one person in the office who is always watching funny videos on their computer isn’t really wasting their time. Our psychological well-being may prove to be more important than you thought. It can enable more satisfying social relationships and make it easier to start and carry out conversations. Our mental health also affects our physical health; part of getting that dream bod is getting your mood up!

Smile, It’s Healthy

Why A Better Mood Leads To A Better You

Everyone likes to feel healthy, but sometimes there is just too much going on to focus on our health. But, at the end of the day, all it takes is a smile. There is real scientific evidence that shows how being happy can directly affect your health. A positive mood is shown to promote healthier diet habits. Being happy is an amazing motivation for being physically active, which increases your energy levels as well. Also, happiness can improve sleeping habits, which leads to increased daily productivity and concentration. In addition, a good mood can help fight stress, which is something everybody hates, and can decrease chronic pain - say goodbye to Advil! If you are tired of the sleepless nights and constant worrying, try these few things that can up your mood in a matter of minutes!

Tips and Tricks For a Happier You

Why A Better Mood Leads To A Better You

Express Gratitude: Think of three things you are grateful for in your life. Whether it be family members, a good relationship, or even the way you look, take the time to reflect and say your thank yous. It’ll surprise you, but it can improve your mood!

Go Outside: Bright daylight and fresh air is an amazing mood booster. Lay outside, soak up the sun, or even walk your dog for five minutes!

Take a Bath: Run some warm water, light those candles, get those bubbles out! Taking a few minutes to unwind and relax with a clear head - you will come out totally revitalized!

Go Shopping: Hit the mall! Retail therapy is a real thing. Picking out a cute dress or a new pair of sneakers can make you feel happier than you started.

Stay Happy!

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