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New Workout Classes To Try This Year

New Workout Classes To Try This Year

January 21, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Finding a new workout class for the New Year might not be the most original resolution, but it is definitely a smart one! Not only does working out create a larger positive impact to your physical health, but can help increase your overall well-being and confidence. Whether you want to step up your workout routine or simply start something new, there are many options for getting outside of your working out comfort zone! Here are some new workout classes we have discovered for 2020.

Cold Workouts

Cold workouts is an up-and-coming workout trend for 2020 that focuses on providing an environment that uses colder temperatures during your workout. Different from hot yoga and a heated spin classes, people work out in rooms with temperatures lower than 45 degrees. Research shows that in exercising in colder environments, it is actually easier to perform the workout and one will be able to workout longer. It will also help in increasing your metabolism, according to LA-based trainer Harley Pasternak. These types of workouts have been popping up in some major cities like New York, where a gym called BRRN became one of the first cold workout studios. 

Primal Movement Training

In more traditional workouts, the focus comes in building strength through squats, push ups, pull ups, and the works. But a new crave that has been sweeping through gyms such as Equinox is known as Primal Movement Training. It combines both dance elements with mobility workouts to create an experience that helps improve coordination and core strength. Within these workouts, participants usually begin by prepping the joints - think walkouts with twists and lunges. While moving through the workout, participants will continue to receive a full-body workout and stretch, with exercises ranging from stretches like crab reach into a scorpion reach, or side kicks. These workouts help in creating a wide range of benefits from coordination to injury prevention, while providing you a fun, innovative, and different approach to your typical routine. 

Treadmill Running Classes

Treadmill running classes were once a huge fad that had fallen out of trend, but recently has once again become one of the most popular workout classes of the past few years. Similar to a spin class, running classes incorporate one instructor with multiple rows of treadmills providing a workout over motivational music and mood lighting. With studios such as Mile High Run Club and RacePace reporting an 82% increase in their treadmill running classes, competitors have turned to create their own studios offering these type of classes. Within treadmill exercises, studies have shown that there are multiple benefits that include heart benefits (to monitor stress and report any cardiac issues) and diabetic benefits (to help lower blood sugar levels). 

Incorporate A Trampoline Into Your Workout 

It may sound silly, but trampolines are just for kids! Trampolines are a great way to incorporate more a little more cardio exercise into your routine. Trampoline workouts are designed to be like high-impact and low-intensity, allowing you to promote coordination and create positive heart benefits. Trampoline classes have been popping up in studios like Body By Simone, LEKFIT, and Trampoline Trim, proving to be a successful and fun addition to anyone's workout routine. 

Whether you want to incorporate new practices into your routine or try something completely new in your workout, these ideas are fun and efficient ways to boost up your workout! 

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