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5 Swimming Myths that Everyone Believes

5 Swimming Myths that Everyone Believes

September 13, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Just keep swimming! Swimming is a great exercise that everyone can participate in. Whether you are old or young, everyone has fun while in the water. However, there are also multiple swimming myths that everyone believes in. Keep reading to find out if the "facts" that you thought about swimming are really true.

Wait 1 Hour After Eating Before Going Swimming

5 Swimming Myths that Everyone Believes

You can probably remember this myth from childhood. Your parents would yell at you because you just ate and wanted to back in the pool. They claimed you would get a terrible cramp and drown. Reality is that you do not need to wait. Cramps are caused by overexertion or dehydration in the body. However hands, feet, and leg cramps will not cause a life-threatening issue during swimming. The only reason for waiting before swimming is if you feel extremely bloated or full after eating. So basically, you sat by the pool all those hours waiting for nothing! 

Hold Your Breath Underwater

5 Swimming Myths that Everyone Believes

A common misunderstood statement about swimming is that you are supposed to hold your breath underwater. This is false. Don't inhale a lung full of water either! By holding your breath, you are causing a build up of carbon dioxide in your lungs and it induces a gasping feeling. You should not hold your breath underwater, rather just blow slow bubbles out through your nose while swimming. This can be a benefit especially if you compete in swimming competitions. By breathing out the bubbles, when you come up for air in between breaths, your lungs will able to quickly inhale more air. 

Sink or Swim 

5 Swimming Myths that Everyone Believes

People have a misconstrued conception that the percentage of body fat affects the ability you have to swim. Swimmers who have a more lean body type should be sinkers but they do not. The ability to swim is not affected by body weight. The best way to master the art of floating is too lean back in the water and relax. Swimming also requires a lot of strength and technique. When attempting to travel through the water, body fat does not play a vital role in swimming. Anyone and everyone can be a great swimmer! 

Hydrate & Swim

5 Swimming Myths that Everyone Believes

If you were working in the gym, you would stay hydrated, wouldn't you? Well the same should be said for swimming. Most people assume that they do not need to hydrate or simply don't feel the need to. The water washes away sweat, where as when you workout, you feel the sweat immediately. If you were to run, you would feel the sweat instantly, especially when drinking an abundance amount of water. Well, swimming requires the same amount of water. So if you plan on swimming instead of running, just know that hydration is key!

Chlorine Causes Green Hair 

5 Swimming Myths that Everyone Believes

This is probably the fact that you have all been waiting for. Does the chlorine turn your hair green? No, this is another myth that people believe while swimming. This actually happens as a result of copper from the pipes below the pool not the chlorine itself. If you hair does end up turning an odd color such as green or blue, shower immediately and it will washout.    

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