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The Importance Of A Mental Health Day

The Importance Of A Mental Health Day

October 19, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Mental health days are a real thing and you really need to take them once in a while. Sometimes you need to stay home in your sweatpants, watch a good movie, and chill out. Being on the move constantly can negatively affect your health, causing you to get sick. Continue reading to find out the importance of mental days!

When To Take A Day Off

The Importance Of A Mental Health Day

Mental health days should be treated the same as physical health. Sometimes life can get a little overbearing and you need some time to recuperate. If you were to get a cold, you would not go into work - the same goes for mental sickness. If you can, plan ahead with work to take a designated day off to stay home. There is nothing wrong with taking a day off for self-care. If you begin to start having trouble focusing, feel stressed, or overwhelmed, this is your cue to take a mental health day. Being overworked can lead to physical sickness as well. You may contract a cold and become rundown

How To Ask For A Mental Health Day 

The Importance Of A Mental Health Day

Most employers understand the stress that their profession requires, and will most likely grant you a personal day if you ask. You should always be honest with your boss and say what is really bothering you. Communication is important when speaking to any boss. Tell them why you are leaving. You do not have to directly say you wish to "take a mental health day." Simply state that you need time off for personal reasons and will be back the following day. You should notify them as soon as you determine that you are going to need a day out of the office. 

Increase Productivity

The Importance Of A Mental Health Day

One of the benefits of taking a mental health day is that you may be more productive when you return to the office. By taking a break, you are giving your mind time to decompress and reset from stress. When you come back to the office, hopefully you will be well-rested and able to complete your task at 100% again. These days have been shown to increase creativity as well. With your new found time off, you can finally tackle that personal to-do list. You may finally clean out your closet or go try a new restaurant that you've been meaning to. Personal pleasures create a better attitude for the brain. You will come back to your job being more successful and with better creativity. 

Catch Up On Sleep

The Importance Of A Mental Health Day

Not many of us can say that we receive a full 8 hours of sleep each night. Mental heath days are a great way to catch up on some much needed sleep. By the time we go to work and come to all our responsibilities, some of us are only receiving 4-6 hours of sleep a night. While most of us can function on this little amount of sleep, a normal amount of sleep for an adult is 7-9 hours of sleep. Sleep is needed for the body to perform at its best. Without sleep, you can be at risk of becoming ill. Sleeping can also relieve stress and improve your mood. When you finally go back to work, you will be recharged and ready for the day ahead. 

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