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How To Avoid Burnout

How To Avoid Burnout

July 10, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Everything's going great - until you take on more than you can handle and you're overwhelmed with stress and completely fried. You have all these negative feelings and can no longer focus. If this is you, then you've experienced burnout. Luckily, there are ways to avoid burnout before the physical and emotional fatigue hits. 

Exercise Frequently

How To Avoid Burnout

Exercise is crucial to your physical and mental health, so it's no surprise it will help with burnout. Regular exercise reduces stress, improves self-confidence, prevents cognitive decline, increases productivity, and improves memory. Just by getting up and moving, you'll have improved energy that helps prevent physical and emotion exhaustion - which causes burnout. So take care of yourself and hit that workout now!

Sleep Better

How To Avoid Burnout

Insomnia is a symptom of burnout, as your brain doesn't work as well as it could. Getting enough sleep is crucial to your health and happiness, so strive to get those 7-9 hours to function optimally. You may want to consider investing in a smartwatch to track your sleep and really see how many hours you're getting. Then try to be a morning person to start your day off right and avoid burnout from the second you wake up. 

Socialize & Laugh More

How To Avoid Burnout

Another way to avoid burnout is to spend time with people to give you some emotional fulfillment. Burnout comes with detachment, so don't lose contact with the people you normally hang out with. Try scheduling regular social activities to keep you engaged and active. Then with socializing also comes laughing. It's been proven that laughing relieves stress and has many positive short-term and long-term effects. So you can literally laugh the burnout away!

Say "No"

How To Avoid Burnout

Don't be a "Yes man." Many of us are guilty of saying "yes" to everything that comes our way - and that's why we get burnt out! It's easy to say yes when you have a go-getter attitude, however you need to start choosing what's most important to you. Begin paying close attention to where you're at emotionally. Stick to the tasks you enjoy and can handle, and say "no" to the rest. They will understand - we promise. 

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