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How To Take A Personal Day For Your Mental Health

How To Take A Personal Day For Your Mental Health

January 23, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

When stress or anxiety gets the best of you, do not think twice about taking a personal day. A lot of us might cope with mental illnesses or tragic events that happen at any point in our lives, so a mental health day is purely justifiable. It’s essential for our well-being and to live a healthy, productive life. With it being so critical to take control, manage your time, and take care of yourself, we’re going to show you exactly how to do this. Here's how to take a personal day for your mental health.

When to Take a Personal Day

How To Take A Personal Day For Your Mental Health

You may not have physical symptoms, but your body will definitely tell you in other ways that you need a break from your job. These signs come in the form of stress and anxiety, symptoms we often ignore until they take over. You want to save your mental health day for when the strain is really beginning to show. You may have problems sleeping, thinking clearly, being able to concentrate, and managing your emotions. If this is you, it’s time to take a personal day. It’s better to take a day to reset than to overwork yourself. Your boss and professors will understand, so there’s no need to lie or fake it. Remember there’s nothing to be ashamed of with this.

How It Helps

How To Take A Personal Day For Your Mental Health

Taking a personal day does wonders and goes a long way. Just one mental health day will reset your perspective, let you recharge, and give both your body and mind a rest. Not catering to your depression, anxiety, or stress can actually affect your work composure and performance. In the workplace and at school, you won’t be pushing your full potential or doing as well as you could. Instead of putting in half-done work, struggling with tasks, and possibly damaging your career or life more, take the day off. Once you’re recovered, you can put in your best work again and resume your activities with a clear mind and ambition.

How to Actually Take a Personal Day

How To Take A Personal Day For Your Mental Health

Once you decide to take a personal day, you have to decide how to spend your day. As much as you may want to, it's best to not spend the whole day eating and catching up on every single TV show. A personal day isn’t meant for binge-watching Netflix, isolating yourself, or other unhealthy activities that will deplete your mind and body further. A mental health day is designed to give your body, mind, and spirit what it is craving most. If your anxiety and depression is getting to you, try stress-reducing activities such as yoga or working out. Do not be alone, and instead spend time with a family member or a friend who is guaranteed to make you laugh. Many of us just need some rest, so try scoring some sleep if you’re feeling deprived. Make the most out of your personal day to truly rejuvenate yourself.

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