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Tips For Window Shopping

Tips For Window Shopping

January 24, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Whether you’re accessory shopping or just walking the streets with your friends, it’s inevitable that you’ll do some window shopping. Some apparel and gadgets you find may be irresistible, forcing you to go inside for a closer look. If you’re saving money, this may not be the best option. So how do you go window shopping without breaking the bank? Well, here are tips for the best window shopping to ensure it’s a positive experience each time.

Research First

Tips For Window Shopping

You shouldn’t go window shopping blindly, you should always have an objective in mind. Decide which types of stores you want to browse so you can get the right inspiration you need. Then, research shopping areas to find those stores that will meet you needs. A great tip with this is picking a place that has multiple shops. That way you have a variety of stores, a variety of window displays, and more options to find what you’re looking for!

Take Your Time

tips for window shopping

Window shopping is generally a laid-back, leisure activity. Therefore, you want to leave yourself plenty of time to browse shops and make comparisons between retailers, without being rushed. Take your time and stop at each window display that catches your eye. Study it and really think about what you like about it, and if you can see yourself wearing a certain piece. You should also go window shopping on a day you don’t have any other commitments, that way you can spend as much time as you want browsing the window displays and stay on schedule.

Take Notes

tips for window shopping

Some of you are probably window shopping for a purpose, therefore you want to remember what you saw on your adventure. You want to take notes to jot down ideas, prices, locations, and stores that interested you for the future. This can be done on a notepad, on your phone or smart watch, or simply taking pictures. Just remember, window shopping is meant to be a fun activity, so don’t spend too much time worrying about gathering every piece of information.

Bring Friends

tips for window shopping

Inviting a few friends to go window shopping with you can make the experience even more enjoyable. Just make sure you bring friends who want to look at the same kind of stores as you and only intend to window shop as well. They can assist you with opinions and notes, while also preventing you from going into any stores to make a purchase. It’s a great way to help each other out.

Don't Bring Money

Tips For Window Shopping

One of the greatest attractions of browsing window displays is that the activity is free, not costing you a dime. That’s if, you don’t step into the store and make impulse buys. To prevent this, leave your wallet in the car or at home. Doing so will ensure you don’t have any means to purchase something in the store. Only bring a small amount of cash to grab a coffee or lunch, but not enough to purchase a new outfit or device.

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