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Reasons Why You Should Start Food Logging

Reasons Why You Should Start Food Logging

October 05, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Logging your food is very beneficial. It is not something that should only be done if you want to lose weight. Although it is a useful tool for weight loss, it can also help you understand your body better and even help you figure out what foods make you feel better or worse. Continue reading for facts as to why you should start food logging.

Awareness & Accountability

Reasons Why You Should Start Food Logging

Most people don't remember all the things they ate in a given day. With a food journal, it is much easier to remember. You can even track which things were healthy choices and which are not. It allows you to reflect on the day and help change things that you could do better. It also helps to avoid mindless eating. Many times we eat just because the food is in front of us and not because we are hungry. Food journals helps us to know what we are eating, how much we ate, and when we ate it. In some ways it also enables us to hold ourselves accountable for those bad choices we may have made. You are thinking twice about what goes into your system with a food journal.  

Stay On Top Of Fitness 

Reasons Why You Should Start Food Logging

Staying on top of fitness does only include attending the gym regularly, but it also includes what we are putting into our bodies. Food logging can assist you when you want to decipher which foods may be worth it. If you want to fit in your favorite dessert at the end of the day, you may be more conscious of what you are consuming during the day. You can determine what foods are blocking you from reaching your nutritional goals as well. You can even include specific calories for each item in your journal and reserve a certain amount for each day. The average person should only eat about 2,000 calories a day. Food logging allows you to plan out meals, which will help you to stay within your normal calorie limit and plan ahead for the week. You will also have an easier trip to the grocery store because you will know exactly what items you need to stay in reach. 

How To Start A Food Log 

Reasons Why You Should Start Food Logging

Starting a food log is easy! You can use a fun little notebook, smartphone, or there are multiple apps that can help with food journaling. You should write things like dates, times, calories, amount, and of course food descriptions. Remembering to log your meals and snacks each time you eat can be difficult. Some helpful tips would be to leave the journal on your desk at work or in front of you. You can also set timers on your phone if you eat around the same time each day. You should also log your meals before you begin eating. You are more likely to forget after. After a few weeks, it becomes a habit and you will no longer forget to log your food. 

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