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Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Healthier?

Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Healthier?

June 25, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

This topic will forever be up in the air: which is better, juicing or smoothies? It honestly comes down to your own personal needs and goals, but there are some key facts to note about both. Let's discuss the differences and benefits of juicing versus smoothies, and which seems to be the healthier choice for you.

What Is Juicing?

Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Healthier?

First it's important to distinguish the different between these two drinks. Juicing is a process where the liquid part of the fruit or vegetable is separated from the pulp or fiber. Therefore you are left with a thin and concentrated liquid product that contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients with positive health effects. Juicing can be more expensive since you specifically need a juicer to do this, and you have to use a greater volume of produce to get enough. This nutrient-dense beverage is great for people who need a low-fiber diet. Just be sure that the portion size is smaller than a smoothie beverage since it contains more sugar.

What is a Smoothie?

Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Healthier?

On the other hand, a smoothie is a blended drink where the whole fruit or vegetable is used. Therefore what you put in the blender is what you consume, and the volume of the drink will be much greater than that of a juice made from the same amount of fruits or vegetables. Thus it's cheaper and you can use basically any type of blender. Nonetheless, smoothies retain the fiber you blend, which can help you feel fuller and improve your digestive health. You can also add other types of foods to smoothies like nuts, seeds, and yogurts to increase your intake of healthy protein and fats. This drink will be thicker but just as delicious.

Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Healthier?

Juicing vs Smoothies: Which Is Healthier?

So now that you know the difference between smoothie and juice, which one is healthier? Juices are definitely lower in calories, as both contain about the same amount of sugar. Even more so, both can help you to increase your fruit and vegetable intake and create less waste in the kitchen. However, smoothies offer greater health benefits at the end of the day. Smoothies contain more protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that gives it more of an edge compared to juice. Not to mention you can customize them more for maximum nutrition.

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