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Common Treadmill Injuries That Are Easy To Avoid

Common Treadmill Injuries That Are Easy To Avoid

October 04, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

When you first think of cardio, you probably think of the treadmill. Although it is one of the most used machines, the treadmill is one of most reported injuries at the gym. This is a high-impact cardio routine. If it is not done carefully, it can cause multiple issues in the legs. Below are some ways to avoid common treadmill injuries. 

Foot, Knee, & Hip Pain 

Common Treadmill Injuries That Are Easy To Avoid

The treadmill can be attributed to various foot, knee and hip pain. Although most of the newer treadmills have better absorbing belts for less of an impact on your body, you can still experience pain. Plantar fasciitis is the most common foot injury associated with those who run on the treadmill. This is when runners experience severe pains in the heels and throughout the foot. Knee pain can also be caused by vigorous treadmill activity. If you run on an incline, have a bad running posture, or use an abnormal stride, you are likely to feel some sort of knee pain afterwards. Incline running or walking can also cause hip pain. Being on an incline causes stress on the hips. Hip pain will not happen right away, but if you regularly walk or run on an incline, you could contract severe hip pain. Doing this may even cause a long-term hip injury. This goes for those who run on treadmill or outside. 

Heart Issues & Falls

Common Treadmill Injuries That Are Easy To Avoid

Numerous heart issues and falls have happened while using the treadmill. Although you can walk as slow or as fast as you desire, people tend to overexert themselves. They push themselves past the point of their capability, which causes them to fall or experience chest pain. Falling off a treadmill can be serious and even fatal. You can burn your leg if you land on the moving belt and hit your head. Chest pain is a common complaint for many people after they do a cardio routine. Most people do not listen to their own body. Chest pain means that the heart is working too hard and needs a break. People who are older should not use the treadmill because the risk of heart attack is increased. 

Avoiding Injury 

Common Treadmill Injuries That Are Easy To Avoid

This may sound self-explanatory, however most people do not wear the proper clothing to workout on the treadmill. You should not wear any long pants unless they are tight to the leg. The best garments to wear on this machine would be shorts or tight leggings. This can help to avoid falls. You should also wear sneakers with padding on the bottom to cushion your strides. Before starting, make sure they are tied tightly! This will make it less impactful for your feet, knees, and hips. You should also avoid various distractions while using the machine. Make sure you do not play with your phone or talk to friends while moving. Listening to music is entertaining and great, but do not look at your phone and lose focus. The same goes for talking with friends. Turning your head to chat with others causes you to become distracted. You also need to be aware of your body. Many people increase speed or incline to make their workout harder and burn more calories. This can backfire and contribute to heart issues and falls. You should run on the treadmill the same way you would run outdoors. Do not hold on to handrails and do not change your strides. By following these tips, the treadmill can be a great workout!

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