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An Inside Look At The Newest Yoga Craze

An Inside Look At The Newest Yoga Craze

July 11, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

We all know that yoga can incorporate numerous forms - being seen within classes such as Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, Barre, Hot Yoga, and even Goat Yoga. While these classes may be relatively new to the fitness community, the actual practice of yoga has been around for centuries, dating back to over 5,000 years ago in Northern India. The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras, and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests. Nowadays, yoga itself is being adapted into almost everything! So, if it has been around for this long in our history, how exactly can something still come out of it that is new and exciting? Well, you come to the right place! We are here to talk about the latest yoga craze that will soon to be sweeping the nation.

What Is Family Style Yoga?

So we all know that "Mommy and Me Yoga" has been around for quite some time now, but what if I told you that there is a new yoga craze that actually encompasses the whole family? In today's busy (and sometimes even unpredictable) world, families are trying to multi-task and balance everyone's needs. What makes for that best solution - combining fitness and family time! Not only is it a great way to increase efficiency, but it can be a rather fun and rewarding feat! From full-on family to couples' time, family classes are one of the 2020 yoga trends that'll up your revenue and fill your schedule. 

Children's Yoga

Getting the kids started in yoga young is a great way to teach them about mindfulness, breathing, stress management, core strength, and more! Many parents are concerned that their kids are not getting enough exercise at school, so offering a class for children could appeal to a large number of fitness-conscious parents. This ensures that your child is getting the exercise they need while being able to stay engaged and active! Plus, they can track their exercise with their iTouch smartwatch for kids. 

Couple's Yoga

While doing yoga with your partner may not be the most groundbreaking and new thing on the market, the way yoga classes are catering to couples now might just be. With the factors that come with life - such as work, a busy schedule, errands, and family - it can be hard for couples at times to find a moment to practice intimacy and cater to their own relationship. While some may find the time at the end of the day to cuddle up either with a book or some Netflix, does this really help foster a couple's relationship further?

Many newly designed classes within the yoga world take these ideas into motion and create a class that focuses on building a deeper connection between couples through different techniques. For example, these classes blend together a mix of acro yoga techniques, deep breathing exercises, meditation, and even trust-building exercises to foster a more spiritual and emotional bond between partners. Within these practices, couples will use acro yoga to reflect more on the softer and therapeutic style of the training, bringing more of the Thai massage and healing practices into consideration to enhance the practices of intimacy between couples. The deep breathing exercises are mentioned to help couples synchronize and form a deeper connection through alignment.

Not convinced? You'll just have to take a class on your own to find out!

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