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Best Couple Workouts To Do With Your Partner

Best Couple Workouts To Do With Your Partner

February 09, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

What is better than having a gym buddy? Having your significant other be yours! Exercising with your partner has more benefits than most people think, helping to form stronger bonds between you and your significant other. In building a better relationship, it is important to create a solid foundation built on trust and understanding. With working out and exercise, you will do just that - finding an increasingly more fun way to learn new things about each other and explore your interests. If you and your significant other want to incorporate working out into your daily lives, check out these best couple workouts to do with your partner.

Couple Yoga

Yoga is not only a great way for you and your significant other to reduce your stress, anxiety, and elevate your mood, but it is a great way to build a bond within your relationship that focuses on trust and reflection. Many yoga poses require a quite feat of balance and flexibility, and it is important as a couple to build that balance through communication - in which you might literally be leaning on each other. This takes a lot of vulnerability and confidence from both members in doing so, helping to tighten your bond and your relationship. 

Yoga is also important in creating an emotional trigger to touch. When you and your partner are encouraged to support each other through various poses, you are creating a heighten bond through touch, that creates and revitalizes feelings of love, intimacy, and safety. You will feel much more in tune with your partner when you keep up daily yoga practices. 

Partner Running

Running is another great activity for you and your partner to do. Running can help burn calories, build endorphins, strengthen the body, and clear the mind. This exercise can also help encourage time spent with each other, and there are fun ways to make the experience more enjoyable. Try creating a competition amongst each other using your smartwatches in fun ways, where you can track your steps or calculate the miles you have ran. See who can reach the highest amount of steps or see who can run the furthest. 

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a less obvious workout that can be beneficial for you and your partner. With rock climbing facilities gaining increased popularity over the past few years, there are many indoor facilities for you and your significant other to try out. If you two are both beginners, you will both learn the ropes, being able to build strength, while mastering what it takes the climb the wall. It requires communication and trust, but can be an awarding process to help tighten the bond of any relationship. 


Hiking is an enjoyable, low-maintenance workout for you and your partner to try. A great way to spend time together, hiking requires time spent outdoors, which can drastically improve your well-being and mental health. Hiking is beneficial for couples of different fitness levels as well, where the focus goes to enjoying nature and your surroundings. 

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