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Fun Ways To Use Smartwatches As A Couple

Fun Ways To Use Smartwatches As A Couple

February 06, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Are you and your partner techies? Or do you and your partner find yourselves to be more fitness fans? Whether you and your partner enjoy spending time creating the next best playlist or enjoy a little workout challenge, there are numerous ways the two of you can use your smartwatches as part of your daily couple life. Here are some fun ways to use smartwatches as a couple!

Create A Fitness Challenge

Try to motivate each other over your fitness goals by creating a fitness challenge through your smart watch. Your smartwatch can be used to count steps, measure your heart rate, and even count your calories. Consider creating a challenge with your partner to see who can get the most steps in during the day. Make it a daily competition to see who can reach a step goal for the week. If you are a couple who loves to run, consider utilizing your smartwatch's stopwatch to track how long it takes you to run a certain length and trying as a couple to beat your record. Find what works for you and your partner, then get out and active!

Make Playlists For Each Other With The Music Remote

Music is an exciting, innovative, and creative way to show exactly how you feel about your partner. Whether you are planning to create something for their morning commute to work, a long distance trip, or just simply because, a smartwatch can be an effective way to sync up your playlists for each other from your smartphone. 

Utilize The Camera Remote For Capturing Life's Best Moments

Are you an Instagram couple? Or do you simply enjoy taking the occasional photo with your partner? Well we got news for you! You and your partner's smartwatch can be used as a remote camera shutter, helping you capture life's best moments between you and your partner.

Always Be In Touch

fun couple smartwatch

If you and your partner are missing each other or simply need to check in, your smartwatch can be used to always keep in touch. With it's the messaging system, you and your partner can send messages to each other, share little voice threads, and send reminders about date nights, family gatherings, and any other important events that may be coming up. 

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