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Acro Yoga For Beginners

Acro Yoga For Beginners

June 03, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Looking for a new workout for your personal spring cleaning fresh-up? Or are you attempting to spice up your current yoga routine? - Try acro yoga, an up-and-coming yoga practice that has been taking the fitness world by storm. If you are curious about what this yoga routine entails, good news! We got the guide for you! This is everything you need to know about acro yoga for beginners:

What Is Acro Yoga?

Acro Yoga is a combination of three traditional practices: yoga, acrobatics, and massage. Acro yoga utilizes partner yoga in a much more deeper and advanced of ways, it brings us many playful but powerful techniques and influences of acrobatics with massage. According to acro yoga founders Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer, there are two types of acro yoga : Lunar and Solar.

  • Lunar Acro Yoga - reflects more on the softer and therapeutic style, bringing more of the Thai massage and healing practices into consideration. The base, or the giver, supports the weight of the receiver, moving them around and massaging them. The receiver is more passive and easily hands of control to the giver. 
  • Solar Acro Yoga - reflects more on acrobatics and empowerment, having both people active in its practice. 

Things To Know:

Within your first acro yoga classes, there is a lot of things to know before you go in. Below is a simple list of tips and advice we accumulated to start your first acro yoga class with ease. 

  1. You Do Not Need A Partner For You Class
  • If you are flying solo for your yoga class, do not worry, you will always be paired with someone in the class. While it is nice to work with a dedicated partner, it is always nice to mix it up from time to time, finding new experiences with others and taking the time to make new connections. Acro Yoga is built to aid in helping you work with a variety of people, no matter personality, size, or shape.
  • Acro Yoga Is For Everyone - No Matter Size or Skill
  • Acro yoga does not just have to be for acrobats, circus performers, or master yogis. It is a practice that is made for everyone, no matter what size or skill level. It does not matter if you can master the crow's pose, do a headstand, or even touch your toes. You will learn to take your physical skills to new heights!
  • Acro Yoga Helps You Be Comfortable With Movement 
  • Acro yoga helps create a safe-space and community where you will learn to be comfortable with movement. Depending on the class, you will either need to give total engagement, utter release, or some degree or level of both. You will learn how to support not only yourself, but others, learning to fundamentally put trust into yourself and your partner. You will also be taught how to create an effective, compassionate, direct, and open communication with your partner. 

Benefits of Acro Yoga

Within a routine practice of acro yoga, there are many benefits that can aid in creating a more positive well-being and body image. Overall, acro yoga is great for strengthening your core and ab muscles, but it can also do many of the following:

  1. Improve Concentration - In order to avoid any injury, it is important to remain focused and in open communication with your partner. In doing each sequence within your practice, you will begin to find a mindfulness and meditative quality to your routine. It will allow you to become grounded in present within the routine, and the skills learned within your practice can easily be transferred in your daily life. 
  2. Improve Self-Esteem and Body Awareness - Acro yoga allows for you to become more aware of your body, gaining a better understanding of the limits your body has but the freedom it can obtain. Through going through each position, you have to put trust in your body in order to do each move properly. When you actually accomplish the move, you will come to appreciate exactly what your body can do, getting some much needed self-esteem boosts!

Health Effects

Within acro yoga, there are some warnings that need to be known. Before you practice, you should always work together with a spotter, and be sure that communication is open and thought-out among everyone involved. There are also some health effects that come with acro yoga and should be taken into consideration:

For Flyers: During the therapeutic flying part of your practice, the bases feet are pushing against the groin of the flyer, which can cut off blood circulation - if you are pregnant, acro yoga is not suggested. People should avoid regular inversions such as headstands if you have high blood pressure or eye and heart problems. 

For Bases: Being the base can be rather therapeutic for the lower back, but if you have an unstable sacral joint or experience any pain during the routine, consult with your teacher before moving forward.  

As with any new workout routine or yoga practice, it is important to always be safe and be aware of the limits your body as. Do not overwork your body or stress out any muscles or joints, and be sure to always treat your body with love!  In the end, the results will come through. Share with us whether you will try acro yoga or not by tagging us on Instagram @itouchwearables and Facebook @itouchwearables. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily!


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