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Top Four Boutique Fitness Trends Sweeping The Nation

Top Four Boutique Fitness Trends Sweeping The Nation

June 23, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

The fitness world is constantly evolving, and in an effort to keep up with the everlasting changes, fitness gurus and fanatics have come up with more interesting ways to reshape the industry. With wild and possibly even wacky ways to make fitness more fun and exciting, new workout trends have been sweeping the nation! Workouts like sweat crawls and silent disco bootcamps have emerged, classes beginning to grow increasingly more popular everyday! In wanting to post up our new workout regime, we found the top boutique fitness trends that are taking over the way we approach fitness! 

Sweat Crawls

If you prefer green juices over wine or gyms over bars (and we admire you if you do!), the new phenomenon known as Sweat Crawls may be the next thing for you! Sweat Crawls are a new play on words "bar craw," in which participants move through a series of fitness classes instead of drinking your way through multiple bars. Some Sweat Crawls have been popping up all over major cities in the nation, such as Boston and New York. One event, specifically put on by Sweat Concierge, a company that provides studio and class reviews for fitness classes, caters a salad-bar, cold-pressed juice bar, and nail-and-braid salon for those who participate. 

Sweat Concierge's own event, Beantown Crawl, is one of the most popular events, growing in popularity exponentially since its start. It become with just 30 participants, but now is selling out to over a crowd of 450 people, in which community becomes the core of the fitness event's philosophy. Other companies, such as Reebok and LuluLemon, have created their own events, having participants partake in on-the-move fitness events or out-of-the-studio events. 

Silent Disco Bootcamps

Silent Disco Bootcamps first emerged in Washington, D.C., created by self-proclaimed "fitness-freak" Miles. A fitness instructor for a major gym, he grew tired of the boring gym interior and wanted to create a new way to enjoy his workout. While out on a run within our nation's capital, he came up with the idea of the Silent Disco Bootcamp, in which participants mix high-intensity-interval-training with the randomness and fun of a silent disco party. When you sign up for classes, you are working out with a highly motivated instructor and team, completing a workout outdoors while following easy-to-do instructions with the benefit of the music. It will keep you pumped, while providing an engaging new fitness workout that anyone can do! 

Goat Yoga

Have you ever had a goat on your back while you were doing a downward-dog? Probably not, but you are in luck! Goat Yoga is a new trend that is taking over the fitness world, providing an updated take on a traditional yoga practice. Within each session, the class of participants enter a pen with goats, that roam around and possibly climb on you while you transition through every pose. While there aren't any added benefits to goats being a part of your session, many people have said that it is a silly way to relax, enjoy the day, and bring a little goofiness to your workout. 

Surfset Barre

Ever dreamed of being a surfer but live nowhere near the beach? Maybe this is a little farfetched, by SurfSet Barre may just be the workout meant for your dreams! Combining the thrills of surfing with a blend of isometric instability with rotational core training, SurfSet Barre is a workout that takes place on a "surfboard" designed to engage your core and build stabilizer muscles. Each workout allows you to improve your flexibility and core strength, create stability, and improve aerobic aerobic conditioning. 

Whether you just want to add a workout to your routine or try something completely new, these workouts might just be the thing for you! Share with us what boutique fitness trends you want to try by following us on Instagram @itouchwearables and Facebook @itouchwearables and by dropping a comment and like. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily!


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