5 Fun Partner Exercises

5 Fun Partner Workouts

Everyone is more motivated to work out when they have a buddy to do it with. After all, no one likes being awkward and alone. Having a friend by your side makes working out a little more bearable. Working out with friends is also good time spent together. You may not see them all week long, but come Saturday morning, you're together again. Even if you didn't want to come to workout, you come to see your friends. The point is to become better together. Keep reading if you want your friends to join you while exercising.

Roundhouse Partner Workout

5 Fun Partner Workouts

In all of these exercises, partners will be labeled A and B. This exercise incorporates the legs, glutes, and abs. 

  1. Start with each partner standing 2-3 feet apart and face each other. Your feet should be a little wider than shoulder width apart. Now, form your hands into tight fists and place them up near your chin. 
  2. Partner A will form into a squat position. This should be lower than normal or as low as they can go. While partner A is in a squat, partner B should start with their right leg and attempt to kick over their partner's head. 
  3. After partner B has kicked, their finish position should be a squat. This allows the motions to run smoothly and form a rhythm. After partner B has kicked, partner A should form standing position and be ready to perform their kick. 
  4. This should be performed 50 times while switching legs half way through the routine. After partaking in this exercise, you will definitely have given your lower body an amazing workout.  

High Five Push-ups

5 Fun Partner Workouts

This is a modification to the classic push up exercise. It works the core, chest, triceps, and shoulders. 

  1. Partner A and B should get into push up formation while facing each other. This is having both legs extended behind you with your feet firm on the floor. Your arm should now be placed in front of you while holding up your upper body. 
  2. Now, while pushing up, each partner should lift the opposite hand and reach across in a high five motion.
  3. This is usually a little tough the first time, but gets easier as you continue. You should continue this for 40 seconds and be alternating each side. 

Single-Leg Ball Toss

5 Fun Partner Workouts

This exercise is great if you're looking to increase your core stability and also include a great balance routine. You should be using a light ball that is between 4-6 pounds. 

  1. Partner A and B should start by standing side by side while facing the same direction, and about 2 feet apart. Both partners should be standing on their inside leg while balancing on the other leg.
  2. Now, partner A will hold the ball slightly away from their body with their arms slightly bent. Next, partner A should swing their upper body away from partner B and then while rotating back again, throw the ball to partner B. 
  3. Partner B should do the same once they have caught the ball. 
  4. This should be performed for 20 seconds on each leg, and then turn around and switch to the other leg. 

Get Ups Partner Workout

5 Fun Partner Workouts

This exercise is beneficial for both parties because the entire body is getting worked in a few motions. The standing partner is working their arms and legs. The partner sitting is working their core, legs, arms, and back. 

  1. Partner A and B should stand facing each other with arms length distance between them. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. 
  2. While holding each others hand, Partner A will sit on the ground and roll onto their back. Partner B will place one leg forward to assist partner A in sitting down and getting back up. 
  3. Once partner A is standing again, Partner B should now start the sit and rolling motions. Partner A will be assisting. 
  4. This should be done for 10 reps on each side. 

Lunge and Chest Ball Pass

5 Fun Partner Workouts

The lunge aspect of this exercise includes the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Passing the ball allows the shoulders and chest to workout as well. 

  1. Start with partner A and B facing each other. You can stand up to 10 feet apart, depending on how high you are going to throw the ball.  
  2. Partner A should step forward with her right leg and form a lung position, while throwing the ball to partner B. 
  3. Partner B should stand firmly with her hips slightly bent and with their arms tight to their chest, ready to catch the ball. 
  4. As partner B catches the ball, they should place one foot forward and enter lunge position while also throwing the ball back. At this point, partner A should be in standing position ready to catch the ball.
  5. Repeat this about 10-15 times per leg. Each turn you should be alternating legs for the lunge. 

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