Health Benefits Of Seaweed

Health Benefits Of Seaweed

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Did you know that you could eat seaweed? Well...yes, yes you can! Many people are on this new health kick about seaweed. It has many health benefits that can improve the body and its functions. However, there are also some potential risks with ingesting too much seaweed. If you want to know more about seaweed, continue reading this article. 

What is Seaweed?

Is Seaweed The New Superfood ?

Seaweed is a mineral found on the rocky shorelines in the ocean. It can be classified as a flowering plant. This plant is essential for most marine life in the sea. They build habitats around them while also using it for food. Not only does it provide the sea with benefits, it helps humans as well. Seaweed can be found in many dishes that we consume everyday. It is mostly found in dishes located in Korea, Japan, and China. The most common foods that can contain seaweed are sushi rolls, stews, smoothies, and salad. Some of the best ways to combine seaweed into your meals are to create interesting salads or dressings. 

Benefits of Seaweed

Is Seaweed The New Superfood?

Seaweed has many benefits if eaten properly. One of them being the ability to help reduce bloating. It has the ability to breakdown indigestible sugars that harm the body and cause bloating. Seaweed can also act as a diuretic and help to eliminate water from the body. If you place seaweed in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes and then strain the weeds out, you can make a tea. After drinking a few sips of this tea, you can help you eliminate gas and bloating. 

Vitamins & Minerals

Health Benefits Of Seaweed

If vegetables are not your thing, you should try seaweed. It contains an ample amount of vitamins and minerals that vegetables do not. It is a great way to receive your daily intake of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and iodine. Ordinary vegetables do not give the same out of benefits as seaweed does. Seaweed also provides omega-3 and antioxidants. This can help avoid chronic diseases that may occur in the body. 

Risks Of Seaweed

Health Benefits Of Seaweed

Although there are many positives to indulging in seaweed, it must be stated that there are some potential risks. Seaweed contains high amounts of iodine. Most of the time the thyroid can adjust to different amount of iodine. However, an abundance amount of iodine can cause possible thyroid problems. Those with existing conditions should not consume seaweed. We also know that it does help the digestive system but it can also harm it as well. Many of the carbohydrates produced by seaweed may cause significant issues. It can cause inflammation in both the gut and throughout the body. 

So, is seaweed the new super food? The answer is up to you. It has many great benefits to the body. However, this is only if you regulate and monitor your intake of seaweed. If you have existing conditions, it is not wise to partake in the new seaweed trend. 

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