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4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness

4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness

January 02, 2020 / Gina Gargiulo

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real. A lack of sunlight can lead to sadness or even depression, which make these winter months that much harder. Opening up your blinds and letting a little sunshine in can give you a quick happiness boost. Even better though, try these simple ways to increase your happiness now!

Put On A Genuine Smile

4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness

The key word here is "genuine." Anyone can smile, but it's a genuine smile that looks and feels different than a forced one. A true smile can instantly give you a happiness boost and help create positive vibes. Instead of forcing yourself to put a smile on your face, think about what it feels like when you are happy. Think of a time or memory that you were the happiest person on the planet. You'll see your smile grow and instantly feel the difference. 

Get Up & Move

4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness

Whether it's a quick walk or a complete workout, it's crucial to incorporate some movement. Outdoor exercises will give you some extra sun to get your brain buzzing, while the workout will get your heart pumping. Low activity lifestyles are linked to weight gain, diabetes, and an array of other health problems - both physical and mental. Just by getting up once an hour to stretch or walk around will do wonders for your mind and body, and most importantly, your happiness. Anything is a great start, so start setting an alarm and get moving!

Breathe Consciously

4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness

One of the most effective ways to boost your happiness is also one of the simplest - breathing. In such a digital age full of computer screens and phones, we tend to forget about the basics. Conscious and controlled breathing can actually lower your blood pressure and put both your body and mind in a state of calmness. The connection between breathing and happiness is a strong one and a quick way to get a release of calmness at any point of the day. 

Practice Gratitude & Giving Back

4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Happiness

Negative thinking is surprisingly something that comes naturally, as positivity requires a lot of conscious effort. A simple way to train your mind to focus on the positive is to practice gratitude. Simply taking the time to write down what you're grateful for goes a long way. Then be sure to write down a few things that make you happy as well. For example, doing good for other people is also an easy act to increase your happiness. You don't need to donate money to charity or join a cause to do this either. Just giving a genuine compliment or helping someone you pass is enough to make you feel more positive. This instantly leads to a better mood and will make you want to give back more!

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