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Tips On How To Take A Road-Trip

Tips On How To Take A Road-Trip

July 09, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Let's be honest for a moment - now a days, so many people choose to either fly or sail everywhere that we often might think the classic American road trip is a thing of the past. However, I am here to tell you that this is not actually the case and I won't settle for it! While it does seem that the experience of heading out on the road for a road-trip Thelma and Louise style may be seeing a huge decline, the statistics (and the number of cars all around you) prove that more Americans than ever are taking to the roads for vacations and family visits, albeit, even if it is apparently for more frequent but shorter trips. There is no denying that the curiousness of the road and highways is undeniable and probably eternal; it almost seems that traveling down that white lines are in our blood! There is a richness to traveling the land an inch at a time that is absent from the experience of climbing into a metal flying machine to only then climb out at your destination. If you are thinking about taking off on an unforgettable road-trip, don’t miss these road-trip tips:

Clean Out Your Car Beforehand

Go ahead: we urge you to leave the napkins and gum wrappers under your seat. Those receipts from the fast-food you got last week, forget about it! Also that large clump of dog hair that seems to never come off the back seat... don’t sweat it!... though seriously, you may want to clean it out first before you head on your trip. Think about it : a few days into your trip, when the old gum wrappers are joined by new fast food wrappers, when the glove box starts overflowing with hotel receipts and local maps, when dog hair starts sticking to your luggage and your gear, you might just start to regret it. Take the time to thoroughly clean out your car before you leave on your trip. It will save you a ton of time, stress, and maybe even some embarrassment when you need to check into a hotel or even pull-up for gas. 

Have A Somewhat Loose Plan

Delays are the one thing that you can count on when driving significant distances. You never know when you might just stumble upon the flashing “Road Work Ahead, Merge to One Lane” message while out on your trip. Things aren't always going to go your way, and you will be surprised just how you may figure that out while on the road. If you over-schedule your road trip by planning many different events jammed into one day, you’re almost guaranteed to find yourself restlessly driving through the last few miles long after you had intended to be asleep, trying to cancel one hotel reservation so you can pay for another well short of your originally planned destination.

Take Some Time Off The Highways... 

Unless you have a specific destination and a strict schedule, there is little point in hitting the roads to see the country if you don’t spend some time on the back roads. This being said, stay smart and avoid highways known as “blue highways," which are not much more than endless strip malls. The good news is, most U.S. road maps have some indicator of whether a “back road” is an interesting one that will be worth the scenic drive or not. Through several sources,  these recommendations to be fairly reliable - most have at least a few miles of interesting local scenery, offer driving experiences ranging from a rambling country-side pastoral feel to truly stunning views of America's beaches. May do pay off handsomely for those with the time, patience, and inclination to wander a bit.

But Have An Escape Plan To Get Off Country Roads

Sometimes though scenic routes are beautiful, but at other times, they can cause quite the dilemma. From some very twisting-uphill drives that can cause some serious car sickness, to even the roads that start at an average of 35 miles per hour, not all glitters can be gold when it comes to getting off the highway. When things start getting a little maybe chaotic on the scenic roads, have a plan in place to help you get back onto the highway. This is also useful when you might need to pull over for food, need to find lodging, or need to simply get to your destination faster. 

Instill A Division of Labor

Some people are good at navigating; others couldn’t read a map if they tried. Some people are good at planning meals, while others think a big bag of chips counts as a good dinner. Know who does what well, and what really matters to your traveling companions, and you will divvy up tasks in a way that gets things done efficiently and to the satisfaction of all.

With these tips, you will be hitting the road in no time! 

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