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How To Achieve Your Travel Goals

How To Achieve Your Travel Goals

January 16, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

There is no denying - in one way or another, all of us have a clear picture of our dream vacation. Whether in entails walking down a sunny beach off the coast of Belize, or strolling down the Champs-Élysées and dining at a fancy Parisian cafe, these dreams can become a reality. Being passionate about traveling and exploring the world doesn't have to be seen as taboo or cliched. Getting over the excuses holding you back from traveling is easier than ever! With these easy tips designed for helping you achieve your travel goals, going on your dream vacation can become your next reality!

Start Questioning the Issues

Defining key excuses that are holding you back from traveling is a key first step in actually obtaining your travel goals. Think about it: when we identify excuses that are holding us back, can we then be able to create effective solutions. It is important in analyzing the "well-I-cannot's" because there are ways to work around them. These are some examples that we have found in addressing common traveling excuses:

1. Money Limitations: Well I cannot travel because it is too expensive.

Traveling can be expensive. However, getting a clear estimate on how much your trip may cost can create a better image of how much you might actually need to save. Creating a plan on how you are going to save, such as putting aside a certain amount of money from your paycheck, can help ensure you are sticking with your traveling goals. 

2. Pressure From Work: Well I cannot travel because I'll have to take off from work.

If you find yourself making excuses to travel because of work, try compromising with your boss and figuring out vacation time that you can use to achieve your travel goals. If you have an easy work schedule or an off season, try even scheduling your trip for that time. Be smart about your time off and try to find that right balance between your work life and travel life.

3. Issues With Family or Children: Well I cannot travel because of my family or my kids

Traveling with children can be stressful, but learning effective strategies to ensure a smart and easy trip can make traveling with your children actually fun. Find parent-and-child travel blogs to learn new tips on how to travel or even watch videos for quick how-to's. In doing the research, you can find solutions to achieve family bliss within your travels. 

Do Research

After questioning issues that may be holding you back and the solutions, it is now time to begin doing research. We find that it is best to do things one step at time - it will be less stressful and more manageable! For example, instead of trying to research every part of the trip, take smaller chunks such as researching locations in countries that you want to visit. From there, keep building upon your research to find the best traveling strategies for your trip. Be sure to take notes and keep track of what you find to ensure you are creating an effective travel experience that works best for you. 

Ask For Help

If you are ever feeling stuck within doing your research, consider reaching out to someone who has visited the place you want to go to. They can provide you with stories about their own travel experiences, share landmarks or tourist spots to check out, or even help you find the best flight or hotel to stay in. Knowing someone who has also visited a destination you want to travel too can help eliminate anxiety or fear and provide extra support to help motivate you within your travel goals. 

Find Inspiration

Another way to achieve your travel goals is to immerse yourself within them. Be creative! Find images on Pinterest or travel sites to create a mood-board to help envision yourself traveling to where you want go. Join a Facebook group where people share similar travel interests with you and start conversations to help further spark your goals. Really become obsessed with where you want to go and what you want to see. 

Find A Travel Buddy

Join forces with a friend and become travel buddies. Finding someone who shares your travel goals and will likely go on a trip with you will hold you accountable for your side of the work. Create small tasks for each other in planning your trip and be sure to share with each other your progress.

Whether you have a serious case of wanderlust or a bug for traveling, you'll find that you'll be achieving your travel goals in no time with these tips!

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