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Best Winter Vacation Spots

Best Winter Vacation Spots

November 17, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

It's only November, but you're sick of this cold weather already! Winter vacations are the perfect thing to get you out of the cold and into the heat for a bit. There is nothing wrong with taking a winter break and coming back refreshed, relaxed, and little tan! Continue reading for the best winter vacations spots.

Florida - The Sunshine State 

Best Winter Vacation Spots

Florida, also known as the sunshine state, is the perfect vacation to take this winter. There are so many things to do in Florida that can involve the entire family. Kids can have fun at all of the various theme parks. There is Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and so many more. Walking through an amusement park can be stressful though. However, for a more relaxing vacation, you can head down to the Florida Keys for some beaches and soaking up the sun. The Keys are a string of islands attached by a main highway along Florida's tip. You can have the feel of a secluded tropical island on one of these beaches. Florida is one of the most affordable winter destinations as well. There are diverse resorts ranging in price to suit everyone's financial needs. 


Best Winter Vacation Spots

California is an experience all on it's own. If you want to hit all the major areas, you will need a longer vacation than usual. You can start with by spending a little money at Rodeo Drive. This is one of the most famous streets in California. It is filled with various stores, including luxury ones as well. Then you can head to the shore line and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches. California is warm all year round, and the beaches filled with fabulous palm trees to help shade some of the sun. Next, you can take a trip to Los Angeles and visit the most famous site of all, the Hollywood sign. You take a hike up to this huge sign and even snap a photo of it. San Diego, California is home to one of the best zoos in America. The whole family can enjoy this vacation with a little something in it for everyone.  

St. Lucia

Best Winter Vacation Spots

If you're looking for time away from the kids or just to get away with your significant other, St. Lucia is the place. It is an Eastern Caribbean Island filled with mountains and volcanic beaches. It also has many luxurious hotels that will make you feel like you're living in a palace for the time being. During the winter, the weather is in the high 80's, which isn't extremely hot but not freezing cold either. This is the perfect temperature to get you out of those winter blues. This vacation is a bit more pricey but extremely worth it. The beaches are surrounded by tropical flowers and plants that will make you forget all of your worries. St. Lucia has been rated number 1 in the best honeymoon destination, winter vacation, and best place to visit in the Caribbean. 


Best Winter Vacation Spots

If you're looking to get even colder this winter, you should head up to Canada. Canda is a great destination for winter fun that you can only get there. In the middle of winter, Canada celebrates the festival of Winterlude. This celebration takes place over a span of three weeks, and it honors the cold temperature of the season. There are ice carving competitions and the Rideau Canal becomes the largest 5 miles skating rink in the world. If you're traveling to Montreal as well, you should stay for the Igloo-fest. Montreal is also home to one of the greatest mountains to ski on. There's only a limited-time during the year where you can enjoy snow-filled activities, so you might as well do it while you can!   

Hopefully you've been enticed you to pack your things up and start traveling this winter!

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