Best Winter Fashion Accessories

Best Winter Fashion Accessories

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Everyone has that one winter staple that helps them stay warm and chic through the season. Not all of your cold attire has to be dull and bulky though. After you glam up on winter makeup and before you go out, try pairing these best winter fashion accessories with your outfit!


best winter fashion accessories

Not all winter fashion accessories have to keep you warm, but this one will definitely keep you fashionably on time. A smart watch or fitness tracker is a great accessory to wear anywhere, anytime during the cold season. Easily count your calories and steps, while monitoring your sleep and notifications. This helps you stay active and on schedule when the cold weather hits.

Blanket Scarf

best winter fashion accessories

It’s a blanket, it’s a scarf, and it most certainly will keep you warm this winter. Wear it as a scarf when you’re walking the winter streets, then use it as a desk blanket while you’re at work or school. It is universal and perfect for any setting, not to mention can be styled a variety of ways. Wear it as a traditional scarf around your neck, wrapped around your shoulders, or even secured with a belt. Find one in a chic plaid pattern to fit in with the atmosphere.

Faux Fur Stole

If you’re into fur, then you must wear a faux fur stole this winter. This cozy, glamour look is perfect for fashionistas, as the fur helps keep you super warm. You can choose to wear this over your outfit, underneath your attire, or resting over your arms or shoulders. Just make sure to pick a length or color that you’re most comfortable in. No matter which style you choose, you’ll be grateful you have a soft accessory at hand through the cold season.

Knit Beanie

best winter fashion accessories

A chunky, knit, pompom beanie is the exact accessory you need this winter. Our ears feel warm just looking at this! Whether you’re hitting the slopes, walking the streets, or warming up by the fire, this knit beanie will keep you super cozy. The pompom topper adds youth to your look, as the chunky rib adds style. Find this at your favorite store such as Urban Outfitters, and in your favorite color of course.

Fingerless Gloves

Anyone else hate wearing gloves or mittens because then you constantly have to take them off to use your fingers? With fingerless gloves, not only will your hands stay warm, but you can continue texting your friends, scrolling through social media, checking your smartwatch, and take cute winter pics. Invest in a neutral color pair such as black or grey so it matches all of your winter outfits.

Winter Headband

best winter fashion accessories

If you still want to keep your ears warm but want a less bulky item, then go with a winter headband. These are super cute and are the perfect accessory to complete any winter outfit. Choose a neutral color such a black, burgundy, white, navy blue, or grey. Then, pick a style. You can get a crochet pattern, one with a twist, fur, or even a bow. Lastly, pick the thickness of the band, and then look effortlessly cute this winter! The best part is, you can wear this headband over any up or down hairstyle.

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