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How To Stay Calm During Holiday Season

How To Stay Calm During Holiday Season

November 18, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

The holidays can be some of the roughest times for a family. As much as we enjoy and cherish the moments we share, the time leading up to them can make us resent them. There are many ways to keep yourself on top of all your holiday duties. Continue reading for how to stay calm during the holiday season. 

Avoid Over-Tasking

How To Stay Calm During Holiday Season

First thing to understand about the holiday is that you should not take on more than you can handle. The holidays take the entire family to be successful, so it is okay to ask for help with some of the responsibilities. You should always try to get a good night sleep during these several months. While this is easier said than done, you should attempt to get at least a full 6 hours of sleep. This allows the body to function properly during the day. You should also watch what harmful things you ingest into your body. Items like dessert or alcohol should be eaten in moderation. The holiday is not a 2 month long celebration and you should eat healthy when you can. By taking on too many tasks and disrupting your body's normal routine, you can be harming your overall health. Your body may become rundown and unable to function on the important days.  

Plan Ahead 

How To Stay Calm During Holiday Season

The key to tackling the holidays is to plan ahead and be extremely organized. Keeping separate lists can help you stay on top of your planning methods. Grocery lists, gift-giving lists, and your personal list should be organized separately. You can even set aside separate days to shop for these specific items. This will help you to prevent last-minute scrambling for forgotten items. You will not have to rush around last-minute the final days of madness in stores. Planning ahead can even allow for you to have some holiday fun yourself. If all of your tasks are completed ahead of time, the leftover time can be spent enjoying the festivities with your family. 

Saying No Is Okay

How To Stay Calm During Holiday Season

Sometimes it is hard to fit everyone into a few days. If you get invited to an abundance of holiday gatherings and physically feel drained, you should try to opt out for this year. The holidays should be a time filled with happiness and cheer. If you are having opposing feelings, take some time for self-care. Ask people if they mind seeing you after the holidays or perhaps in a more casual outing. Most people are under the same holiday stress and will understand your reasoning. You should also not be pressured by these holidays from the gift giving aspect. Gifts do not have to be elaborate or grand. It is a good idea to remember it is the thought that counts! There are also items that you can purchase for others that will not leave you with any financial burden. Today, there are many fun ways of gift giving that can include things like Grab Bags or Secret Santa. These games add a little mystery to each gift. 

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