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3 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Healthy

3 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Healthy

July 27, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Being a mother is way more than a 9-5 job, so it can be hard to exercise and keep track of your own health when you have little ones to care for at home. Still, there are easy ways busy moms can stay healthy that won't add any extra work. Conquer motherhood and be a women to watch with the below tips!

Plan Meals Ahead

3 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Healthy

At the beginning of the week (preferably on Sunday), you should take some time to plan a menu for the week. Create a grocery list and try a new recipe or ingredient each week. A great spice you can start incorporating into all your meals is turmeric which is a powerful mood-booster, has strong anti-cancer properties, and is anti-inflammatory. In addition to planning the actual food you will be having, you should be planning when you're going to have these meals. Choose to have an early dinner OR wait for a companion to come home to eat - don't be eating two dinners each night. Another easy way for busy moms to stay healthy is to watch where you work. Paying bills or returning emails in the kitchen with the fridge staring right at you can be very tempting to indulge. 

Watch How You Snack

3 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Healthy

Mom's are queens at snacking - let's admit it. When your kids don't finish a meal or you're prepping some treats for them, odds are you're the one finishing it. However, these few "tastes" from your kids' meals can really add up. For one whole week, try not to snack with your kids and you'll see the slimming and decreasing of calories as a result. On the other hand, if you are going to snack, do so in a healthy way. When cooking, set out healthy items to munch on such as raw carrots, cucumbers, or sliced bell peppers. Throughout the day, be sure to pack yourself a healthy snack like seeds, nuts, or granola. Then when your kids go to bed, have some nighttime tea instead of a sugary treat.

Take Advantage Of Play Time

3 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Healthy

You should be thinking of your children as mini personal trainers. When your kids are running around, playing a sport, or participating in a game - you should too! Instead of watching them play, join in on the action to get a workout in yourself. Your kids will love you for playing, and you will love yourself for exercising effortlessly. To keep the fun more active and educational, buy a PlayZoom smartwatch for them! 

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