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Best Fitness Mother's Day Gifts

Best Fitness Mother's Day Gifts

May 03, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

If you’ve got a fitness mom, then gifting her a present that suits her healthy lifestyle is sure to score you extra brownie points. We all want to give our mother something she will love and actually use time and time again. No matter which type of active person she is, buy one of these best fitness Mother's Day gifts this holiday!

iFitness Tracker

Best Fitness Mother's Day Gifts

Fitness trackers are designed for an active lifestyle, which makes it the first fitness gift for Mother's Day. The iFitness Activity Tracker does everything to help keep track of your fitness goals, so your mom can easily count her steps, calories, and distance each day. Plus you can help her stay on top of her sleep so she remains well-rested and keep her best mom energy up. Not only will she be happy to track her health, but she can now stay connected to you without having to pick up her phone!


Best Fitness Mother's Day Gifts

If your mom's always on-the-go, then you may want to get her a smartwatch. Try the iTouch Air 2, which is super user-friendly and is designed for both your connected and fitness life. Your mom can monitor her heart rate, receive text and social media notifications, and look fashionable while doing it. Pick a smartwatch in her favorite color and pick up some extra stylish straps so she can have fun changing them. This is truly a Mother's Day gift she can wear and use every single day.

Resistance Bands

Your mom doesn't have to go to the gym to still get a workout in. One of the best fitness Mother's Day gifts you can give her are resistance bands. She can use these handy straps and her own body weight for low impact exercises just about anywhere. It's great to toss in her bag and bring with her for any stretching or workout she desires to do. Plus the resistance bands range from extra light to extra heavy, so your mom can get creative with the uses and work her way up with her fitness goals.

Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

Best Fitness Mother's Day Gifts

Is your mom a big yogi? Then give her a yoga mat that takes care of itself! Self-rolling yoga mats now exist, which does exactly what it sounds like. It has a mechanism that rolls itself out and then back up once the session is over or she chooses to leave. Now she can set up her space with ease, whether it's for a yoga session or another workout where a mat is needed. All she has to do is wipe it down herself at the end.

Workout Attire

Best Fitness Mother's Day Gifts

If fashion is important to your mom (or she needs some styling help) then you can't go wrong with getting her some essential workout attire for Mother's Day. Your options are honestly endless here, but be sure to buy her apparel and accessories that she will use - depending on the type of workouts she does. Examples of what you can buy include: sports bras, compression/performance socks, running sneakers, cooling jacket, earphones, gym bag, water bottle, sweatpants/joggers, spandex, running shorts, leggings, or wicking shirts. 

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