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Carbs in Corn: Everything You Need To Know

Carbs in Corn: Everything You Need To Know

July 28, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

What is corn? Many of us eat it and it's classified as a vegetable in most places. Nonetheless, there are many worries and uncertainties with this food. For example, it's associated with mass production, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and highly processed foods. Then we bring the word "carbs" into the picture and everyone gets concerned. Before you give corn a bad rep, let's dissect what it actually is and if it's healthy at the end of the day. 

Is Corn A Vegetable or Carb?

Carbs in Corn: Everything You Need To Know

In technical terms, corn is a grain. However nutritionally, it's more like a starchy vegetable. So what the heck is it? Corn takes many forms, so really it depends what type of corn you're eating. For example, corn on the cob and corn kernels count as a vegetable, but products made from corn like popcorn and corn tortillas are considered a grain. As long as it’s minimally processed, corn is in fact a healthy choice. 

Corn Is A Smart Carb

Carbs in Corn: Everything You Need To Know

Part veggie and part grain, fresh corn is a healthy and smart choice. You can classify corn as a smart carb, since it's one of the good kinds of carbs. Corn has a low glycemic index, so it releases slowly into your bloodstream. Therefore it won’t spike your blood sugar levels, and will instead deliver long-lasting energy and feelings of fullness. Corn is also packaged with phytonutrients, fiber, and protein which help. Still, there are many additional facts about corn that you need to know.

Benefits Of Corn

Carbs in Corn: Everything You Need To Know

Corn may contain more carbs than most veggies, however it's low in calories and virtually fat free. With high antioxidant levels, your cells are happy, healthy, and protected from damaging free radicals. Not to mention, not all corn is genetically modified, so you don't have to be concerned with what you're eating. Lastly, corn is a clean choice, especially if you can't shop organically. It's recognized as one of the least likely fruits or vegetables to be contaminated with pesticide residues, so you're safe!

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