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Tips On How To Find the Accountabili-buddy You Deserve

Tips On How To Find the Accountabili-buddy You Deserve

June 27, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Let me ask you a quick question - who holds you accountable for your decisions?

If you are like most people, the answer might just be no one. And in all honesty, the person in which holds yourself accountable is probably just yourself. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to health and fitness, it is hard to solely rely on yourself and your actions if you want to make excuses all the time. We know that it is tempting to eat that chocolate bar you have been saving, or spending time on the couch rather than at the gym, but having someone else to hold you accountable for your health and fitness decisions can be extremely beneficial - even more so, there is actually an amazing and catchy name for it - an "Accountabilibuddy." So what's is an accountabilibuddy? An "accountabilibuddy" is a trust individual or mentor that can help you stay on top of your goals and keep them aligned. They are someone with leadership qualities that can help you stay motivated! If you are looking for someone to help keep you in shape, on top of your fitness goals, or even on top of your health, here are our tips on how to find the "accountabilibuddy" that you deserve:

Understand What Accountability Means

When people think about accountability, many people think accountability has something to do with punishment and consequences. While those assumptions do have their place when it comes to the definition, those who think this way and create these assumptions are only a small part of the overall picture. To me, accountability is a complement and counterpart to measurement and feedback. To hold someone accountable for their actions means to check in with them - being able to see how they are progressing towards their goal and making sure to keep them align. It also means that to hold someone accountable, you are providing solicit feedback that will help them do better and help them stay on track. That is something that is almost nearly impossible to do for yourself.

With our goals, there are times that we often hit a wall or find too much difficulty in completing them. If you set too many unrealistic or unattainable goals, it isn't going to be an easy path to make those goals come true. You are going to fall short at times, get frustrated, and start doubting yourself and your own self worth. If this ever happens, you need someone who knows your goals and knows how to keep your goals align. They also know where you are struggling and what causes your stress, knowing on how to help you get unstuck from your rut. No matter how many inspirational videos you might find yourself watching, just wanting it bad enough isn’t enough. Whether it is a diet accountability partner, a workout accountability partner, or an accountability partner for anything else, having an additional support system and motivator is almost always a good idea!

How To Find An "Accountabilibuddy"

In finding an "accountabilibuddy," there are many easy steps to take, especially when it comes to your workout goals. There have been many studies that show that pairing weight loss goals with a supportive social network can help in providing additional support, encouragement, and accountability that can help you become more likely to succeed. Having someone to join you at the gym in the morning for your workout class means hitting your goals more than just staying in and hitting that snooze button. So in finding your own "accountabilibuddy," here is what you can do: 

  • Choose Someone You Trust - You are going to talk with this person about your goals, your struggles, your fears, your successes, and everything else that happens on the way to keeping everything aligned. Find someone you trust enough for you to be honest about what’s holding you back or even about what is stressing you out. Find someone you respect enough for you to listen to their negative feedback when they give it. Is there a friend who you admire and you can trust with your fitness goals, or someone in your family or your community you look up to? Those people make great "accountabilibuddies".
  • Choose Someone Who Wants Accountability Too - When it comes to finding an "accountabilibuddy," find someone who also wants to be accountable with you. You can also learn a lot about accountability by also having to hold someone else accountable for their actions. You learn about leadership, motivation, and how to set goals, and even how to make sure you stay in-tune and align to those actions. 
  • Make Sure You Know What Your Goals Are First - In seeking out someone to be your "accountabilibuddy," you should first make sure you are aware of your own goals. Rather than asking a friend to keep you accountable for something vague like “exercising more,” it’s more effective to set a S.M.A.R.T goal--something specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. If you’ve said you want to workout three times a week or even more, it’s easier for your accountability partner to check in on Wednesday and see if you’ve been to the gym yet.

When it comes to finding an "accountabilibuddy," you do not need to go over-the-top or crazy trying to find the perfect match. As long as they fulfill these tips, you can find someone who will surely be of help. 

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