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How To "Leap" Into A New Diet and Healthier Lifestyle

How To "Leap" Into A New Diet and Healthier Lifestyle

February 29, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

New Year's Day doesn't have to be the sole day to make resolutions for the year. 2020 is a leap year after all, meaning we get one extra day to try to make healthier decisions in our lives and promote a better well-being and physical health. From being conscious to what we put into our bodies, to then monitoring how we actually treat ourselves, there are numerous ways to create a happier and healthier lifestyle. With this post, we aren't going to present you with meal plans, This is how guide on how to "leap" into a new diet and a healthier lifestyle:

A Mini-Guide on Creating A Better Diet

A easy place to start promoting a healthier lifestyle is by first creating a better diet. We must first internally make our bodies feel good before we can tackle making our exterior feel better - no one like to workout or exercise when they are feeling stuffed and full, nauseous, or bloated. The food that you eat can also dramatically affect the way your body responds when working out, and can be the key to making sure your body actually loses fat and not deteriorates its own muscle. Whatever your diet it - whether it is paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarianism - the main issue is consistency. Here is a mini-guide in creating a diet and being able to stick with it:

  1. How To Prioritize Grocery Shopping When Creating A Diet 
    1. Never Shop On An Empty Stomach: have you ever gone to the supermarket when your stomach immediately starts crawling? You pass by the ice cream aisle, brands like Talenti, Ben & Jerry's, and Friendly's flaunting their deliciousness in front of you. It is a recipe for disaster. Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach will make that little voice in the back of your head convince you that it is okay to pick up junk food to satisfy your hunger cravings rather than making it to the healthier food aisles. 
    2. Make A List - And A Plan: it is increasingly easier to shop at the grocery store when you exactly know what you need. In many ways, it can save you time, save you from forgetting an item, and in the long run, can save you money if you decided to pick up a few other "essentials" along the way. Making a list is an effective way to also make sure you are staying on top of making those healthier choices that reflect a new diet rather than back tracking to the same unhealthy routine. With making a list, try writing it in order of the aisles at the grocery store. This will allow for ease when shopping, not relying on aimless wandering in the store to be sure you got all your items. Planning your route will also ensure that you aren't picking up unhealthy snacks along the way when you "accidentally" find yourself down the cookie aisle. 
    3. Do Not Be Fooled By Marketing Keywords: did you know a company can essentially label there food as "all-natural" without it actually being official certified? Do not assume that these foods are healthy just because advertising and marketing slapped the word "diet" on its label. Focus on finding foods that are USDA Certified Organic, meaning that they are not processed with hormones, additives, preservatives, and more. 
  2. In Creating A Healthier Diet - Meal Planning Is Catered To Your Tastes
    1. Make Half The Plate Fruits and Vegetables: fruits and vegetables provide key nutrients your body needs while promoting key vitamins, sugars, and fiber to make your body healthy and glowing. 
    2. Aim For Whole Grains: make a least half of the grains you eat whole grain. They are full of excellent nutrients to aid your body while giving you a much needed fiber post.
    3. Add Lean Protein: choose a protein such as lean pork, beef, chicken, or turkey, and other protein such as eggs, nuts, beans, or tofu to ensure you are getting the key essentials for your diet. 
    4. Avoid Extra Fats: adding extra fat from sauces and gravies can be crucial in adding unwanted calories and pounds if you are trying to lose weight. Be cautious of what you are adding to your diet and swap out unnecessary fats with alternative healthy choices 
  3. In Keeping Up With Your Diet
    1. Build A Support Group: having the added support from family and friends can be a key part in making sure you keep up with your diet. Find a support group can help you stay motivated, keep your diet goals aligned, and also promote a healthier lifestyle for not only yourself, but for them. 
    2. Drink Lots Of Water: drinking water will keep you hydrate and is a much healthier alternative to sugary drinks like soda or sweetened drinks like coffee and teas. 
    3. Stick To The 80% Rule: an important tip in making sure you do not ruin your diet is being aware of overeating. This means that you do not eat to simply make your body feel full, rather you eat until your body feels satisfied, as gained the nutrients it needs, and creates the energy needed to take on the next day. Keeping your body full to at least 80% will ensure that you do not binge eat and take on extra calories that are getting in the way of your diet. 

Creating A Workout Plan

Now that we have focused on creating a better diet to focus on the inside of our body, it is time to focus on our physical appearance. If you are looking to loss some weight or gain some muscle, here is a workout plan that may help you out!

  1. Workout For Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Here Is The Main Breakdown:

    • Strength Training - Three Days A Week: One Hour
    • High Intensity Workout Training - One Day A Week: 20 Minutes
    • Steady-State Cardio - One Day A Week: 35-45 Minutes 
    • Two Days of Active Recovery

    Here Is What To Do:

    1. Strength Training - 
      1. Compound Lower Body Exercises - start with either doing squats or deadlifts. The key here is to challenge your muscles to respond to the workout, so start yourself with a weight you can lift and increase when you find yourself being able to easily complete a rep. 
      2. Upper Body Set - work on doing push-ups curls, bench presses, or curls to work your upper body and build definition.
      3. Lower Body and Core - do a routine of reverse lunges mixed with core training exercises such as planks to build definition within the lower body and work your abs and core.
      4. Metabolic Finisher - this is where you will get in your cardio, relying on exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, and plank ups to raise your heart rate and burn calories. Do a mix of these exercises for 7 minutes to ensure you are seeing results and get that yoga belly.
    2. High Intensity Workout Training - 
      1. This is your choice! The idea here is to do something that gets you active - go running, cycling, body weight moves to help you shed calories and maintain healthy fat loss. The idea here, however, is to push yourself for a moment, and take a brief period of rest. 
    3. Slow-Steady Cardio - 
      1. Again, this is your choice! With this round of cardio, you are taking a more slower and steadier pace than when you were in your high-intensity workout. You will be able to raise your heart rate gradually to build calories, while also improving your body's ability to use and maintain its oxygen levels properly. 
    4. Active Recovery - 
      1. Take some time to rest - it is crucial that you do not overwork yourself and stress your muscles, fibers in your body, and your heart. Take a moment to go outside, go for a walk, or do something you love. Take time to enjoy the moment and the day and do what you want to do! 

    Please note that in creating a healthier diet, do what works for you. Know that every diet is different and reflects your own tastes, your diet restrictions, and how essentially you are looking to change your body. If you want to create a workout routine to promote a healthier lifestyle, consult with a trained professional or even your doctor to find what you can do to ensure the best results! In the end, you are in control of your life and your body. 

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