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Tips For Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Tips For Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions

December 28, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Many people think setting New year's resolutions is hard, when it's actually quite easy. The hard part is actually sticking to them, which many of us fail to do due to them being unrealistic. The secret to ensuring your New Year's resolutions last is to set realistic goals from the beginning. Here are some tips for creating realistic new Year's resolutions before January 1st hits!

Don't Make Too Many

Tips For Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions

The first trick is to stick to just one realistic goal. If you choose too many, you'll be spreading yourself too thin and be less likely to achieve any of your resolutions. You don't want to disappoint yourself by being too ambitious. Establishing small, tangible steps are key in order to achieve your bigger goal. If you're trying to run a half-marathon or lose 10 pounds, some great New Year's resolutions may be joining a running group or going for a run twice a week. 

Write It Down & Publicize It

Tips For Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions

You need to hold yourself accountable with your New year's resolutions. Writing them down in a journal or a piece of paper pinned to your wall makes them more realistic by visibly seeing it every day. This will help you stay committed and on track with your goals. Another great tip is telling your friends and family about your New year's resolutions. They'll be sure to hold you accountable, check in on your progress, and keep you motivated to achieve them.

Reward Yourself & Don't Give Up

Tips For Creating Realistic New Year's Resolutions

While writing down your resolutions, be sure to also write down and schedule your rewards. Praising your achievement at each milestone will keep you more motivated along your journey than if you wait until the very end to be rewarded. If we go back to the marathon or losing weight example, a great reward would be a new pair of running shows as soon as you complete a certain amount of miles. It's important to keep in mind that progress isn't a straight line though, and there will be a lot of setbacks along the way to achieving your new Year's resolutions. The best thing you can do is create an action plan in case you fall back, and not let the setbacks stop you from continuing on. These are realistic goals and can be achieved as long as you don't give up.

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