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The Most Needed Travel Apps To Download

The Most Needed Travel Apps To Download

July 30, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

As you know, traveling is one of our favorite things  - and writing about traveling here at iTouch Wearables comes up to a close second. But let's face it - who doesn't love traveling? We have spent times dreaming about the perfect vacation, whether it would be spending a weekend away on tropical beaches in the warm sun, climbing the best snow-covered mountains to go skiing, or even travelling the historic streets of European cities decorated in flowers and trees. And while these dreams are important and we strongly believe that one should achieve their travel goals, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration before hopping onto your next plane ride out of the country. Did you ever think about using travel apps to make your trip easier? Do you even know where to start? Where good news for you, we got the mini guide for you! Here are the most needed travel apps to download for your next trip.

1) MyTSA

Airport travel, especially within the United States, can be a confusing and daunting experience that we know can be quite dreadful. MyTSA, a U.S. government-sponsored app, allows the user to become more aware of all the rules you need to follow in order to avoid a stare-down and possible delays by security agents who are trying to do their jobs. You will be able to discover which items you can bring with you through the security checkpoint and onto the plane, request live assistance from the Transportation Safety Administration, check crowd-sourced security wait times, check for delays and current weather conditions, and even a guide for how to access and sign up for TSA PreCheck to get you through security in a jiffy. Out of all the apps on this list, this should definitely be your go to!

2) SkyScanner

Looking for information on flights, hotels, or even rental cars? Well, Skyscanner has got you covered. The app searches for the most affordable and best options out there through their travel partners. Similar to that of Google Flights, you can see the cheapest dates to fly, and you can even get alerts when prices change to make sure you receive the best possible price you can get. If you’re not sure where exactly you want to go, Skyscanner offers a category that lets you explore “Top Deals” from your nearest airport, as well as a curated list of destinations at affordable prices to give you a little needed travel inspiration! 

3) Kayak

Kayak has been the go-to trip planning destination for quite a while, users reporting that the love it for their travel needs! Like Skyscanner, Kayak searches across various travel sites for rental cars, hotels, and flights, offering exclusive deals you won’t find on other sites. You can set price alerts and use Price Forecast to see whether you should buy now or wait, ensuring you get the best deal. Kayak also acts as a trip planner, offering up important details for your trip such as your hotel confirmation number or gate number. You can also access these details in real time! The app now suggests hotels at launch, and can even pinpoint results if you’re traveling with kids while the car search now supports addresses.

4) AirBnB

Airbnb is a household name and an app that everyone should check out! The app undercuts hotels by offering far cheaper prices, and a more authentic experience by allowing you to stay in real local housing. What makes AirBnB essential for travel is that it also offers a feature called Trips, which offers experiences to choose from during your stay. The Trips feature usually will have curated events you can partake in with local guides that you wouldn't find anywhere else!

5) Uber

Uber is the king of ridesharing apps and is taking over the globe as a household phenomenon. You can quickly request a car directly within the app after searching through an assortment of differing vehicle rates and fare quotes. Afterward, you can connect with your personal driver, track the approaching car’s location, and securely pay your fare using a credit card, so no cash is needed! Rather than trying to find a taxi or a taxi stand, just bring one straight to you. Uber is constantly updating its app to improve features like trip sharing, ride selection, and tipping, so you know they always got you covered!

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