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Proven Benefits Of Retail Therapy

Proven Benefits Of Retail Therapy

October 01, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

We can all say that at one time or another when we have felt down, we have gone into our wallets and made a purchase to lift our spirits. If it makes you feel better, then who cares. Is this a sign from the retail gods that shopping is actually beneficial to our health? This may be the answer we are all waiting for. Keep reading to see if retail therapy can actually improve your health.

Improving Your Mood 

Proven Benefits Of Retail Therapy

This method is just as effective as exercise or indulging in your favorite treat. Shopping can implement the same type of satisfaction and increase your mood. After buying this new item, you feel more confident, as shopping increases serotonin in the brain. This is a chemical that makes you feel good and happy. The brain is adaptive and feels the most recent activity. Therefore when you purchase something that you like, your brain interprets this as being excited. Most of the time sadness stems from a situation or interaction that we could not control. When we go shopping, our purchasing power restores our sense of control, making the body happy again. These happy feelings however only occur if you actually purchase the item. Those who window shop do not experience the same type of enjoyment. This is because they have not actually purchased the item and physically held it in their hands. 

Exercise & Stress Relief 

Proven Benefits Of Retail Therapy

Shopping is exercise! If you need an excuse to go shopping, here it is! By walking through a mall or other shopping area, you are more likely to hit your daily step goal. Many people go to the mall to simply walk around and chat with friends. Some malls have now started "mall walking programs." This program is when malls open early for people to make their laps around the stores without other people interfering. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your body. It improves muscle function and reduces anxiety, whether it's slow or moderate walking. You are also guaranteed to walk more when browsing and purchasing new items. In addition, shopping can be a great way to reduce stress in your life. That is of course, if you can curb your spending habits... nothing is more stressful than debt. Window shopping is calming because the view of appealing store visuals and sweet smelling products. The store atmosphere can help a person to relax as well because of the music playing in the background and the positive lighting enforced with imagery.     

Increases Bonding

Proven Benefits Of Retail Therapy

Shopping increases friendships and family bonds. Shopping is more enjoyable when you go with someone you normally have fun with. It helps you to increase communication between you and your company as well as grow relationships. Many times while in a particular store, there is some sort of entertainment - perhaps you can take a picture or even take just a free sample. These small activities are conversation pieces. You learn about other people's likes and dislikes. Even though you are shopping, you are learning about each other in a casual setting. Families do this as a fun activity for children. This allows their children to express themselves to their parents by picking out new articles of clothing and toys. Shopping is great way to bond with other people!   

Avoid Buyer's Remorse 

Proven Benefits Of Retail Therapy

With all of these positive benefits of shopping, you are likely to run out and go make a bunch of purchases. So before you spend all your money, here are some ways to go shopping and avoid buyer's remorse. If you are heading out shopping, do your research before you go. See if you need anything or are you going just because you want to. If you are going just because you want to, maybe you should leave some cash at home and bring a small amount. You can even leave those credit cards home as well. You are always likely to spend more with a credit card on you. You can even start a rainy day fund for those times when you want to go shopping on a spur of the moment. This will save you from spending your entire paycheck because you've been saving all along. There are also multiple apps that you can download to save money! Stores usually have their own apps as well with exclusive offers to help you save money. 

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