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Smartwatch vs Regular Watch: What Are The Benefits Of Each?

Smartwatch vs Regular Watch: What Are The Benefits Of Each?

October 02, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

In today's technology world, many people own a type of smartwatch. However, there is some sort of elegance in mechanical watches. Is one watch more effective than the other, or is it just a matter of personal preference? There is always someone claiming that one option is better than the other. Continue reading to see the benefits of each watch.

Smartwatch Benefits

Smartwatch vs Regular Watch: What Are The Benefits Of Each?

Most smartwatches not only tell time, but can also help with daily life needs. Today, smartwatches have the ability to track your steps. This seems like something you can already do with your cell phone, but a phone only tracks them if you are holding it. A watch is on your wrist all day long and tracking more accurately. They also have other health features like heart rate monitors, distance trackers, calories tracker, sleep monitor, and blood oxygen monitor. Smartwatches can also help with other aspects of life. Most smartwatches can alert you when you have text message, call, or even social media notifications. This allows you to stay updated with everything, even when your phone is not attached to you. This is useful when you are exercising or at your desk at work and cannot have your phone out all the time. Smartwatches are like a tiny smartphone on your wrist. They provide almost the same access to technology as a phone would. Another great feature of smartwatches is that they are mostly waterproof. Not all smartphones have this ability and must be left on the side when swimming or showering. Smartwatches allow you to take technology everywhere that you go. Smartwatches can also be personalized to your individual needs such as customizable watch screens, as notifications and fitness goals can be adjusted to your liking.

Traditional Watch Benefits

Smartwatch vs Regular Watch: What Are The Benefits Of Each?

Traditional watches are much more of a fashion statement than smartwatches. For some people, they classify as an expensive piece of jewelry.Traditional watches can symbolize high status of a person, as they are more popular among men. Wristwatches are also more reliable than smartwatches. You probably can't even count the amount of times technology has failed on you. They are much more simple and only require one battery for months. Additionally, traditional watches offer less distraction than a smartwatch would because they are not connected to a phone or internet, so you can focus on other areas of life. Regular watches offer a sense of tradition as well. Some families hand down wristwatches generation after generation. You are not able to hand down a smartwatch in the same manner. 

Choose iTouch Wearables

Smartwatch vs Regular Watch: What Are The Benefits Of Each?

iTouch Wearables is an affordable brand of smartwatches with many features that encompass the best of both worlds. With our iTouch Smartwatches, you can have a classic and elegant look with the best features of a smartwatch. Our watches include many fitness features such as being able to track your steps, monitor your heart rate with a few touches, keep track of your sleeping habits, and much more. iTouch has a variety of smartwatches that will help you decide which watch is best for you!

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