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iTOUCH Wearables' 30 Day Water Challenge

iTOUCH Wearables' 30 Day Water Challenge

April 27, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

There's always some controversy around how much water you should drink a day. This is because it depends on your body and overall health and fitness goals. Nonetheless, you can set up and follow your own 30 day water challenge that caters to your needs. Learn how and why below!

30 Day Water Challenge

iTOUCH Wearables' 30 Day Water Challenge

Eight cups of water a day is the norm. However for a 30 day water challenge, you should change your mindset to be drinking at least half your body weight in fluid ounces of water every single day. Therefore if you’re 150 pounds, you’ll need to drink at least 75 fluid ounces of water each day to complete the water challenge. Are you up for the water challenge? Follow the below rules to get started:

  • Calculate how much water you need to drink by taking your body weight in pounds and dividing it by 2
  • Use the above calculated number as the amount of fluid ounces you’ll need to drink daily for 30 days
  • Take a before picture of your face and body on Day 1
  • Decide your method of tracking each day (paper, phone, smartwatch)
  • Designate a large water bottle for the challenge
  • Drink half your body weight every single day for 30 days straight
  • Take an after picture of Day 30 and see your results!

Benefits Of The Water Challenge

iTOUCH Wearables' 30 Day Water Challenge

There are many benefits of the water challenge you probably aren't even aware of. Physically, water can help you reach many of your health and fitness goals by powering athletic performance and clearing out lactic acid. Therefore your muscles can do more without cramping, as you're supporting all your body systems and daily health. Water also acts as a natural detox and aids in digestion, which can help you achieve your weight loss goals by drinking more water and eating less calories. Not to mention, you'll get a beauty lift as well. Your skin will be a whole lot softer and clearer, your lips will not be chapped, and it helps with dandruff. Mentally, water helps you focus and increase your overall well-being tremendously. As a result, you'll be less tired and will be in a better mood each day. Thus if you're in need for both a physical and mental boost for your body, then a 30 day water challenge may be for you.

Strategies To Drink More Water During the 30 Day Water Challenge

iTOUCH Wearables' 30 Day Water Challenge

There are many strategies to drink more water during the 30 day water challenge if you feel like you're not getting enough or could consume more. One trick is filling up larger containers, so you actually end up drinking more water than you think to reach your goal. Another great strategy for the water challenge is trying water logging apps on your phone or smartwatch. Or if you're old-fashioned, then write it down. Either way, this will make it easier to track the amount of water you're drinking each day and if you're on track with the water challenge. If you're having trouble keeping your body hydrated with plain water, then add some flavor. There are many infusers and sparkling water flavors that will help you drink more. Then of course if you find water completely boring and difficult to drink a lot of, try some of these other ways to stay hydrated. Remember that some of your daily water intake can come from hydrating foods and other beverages, so be sure to count these as well!

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