How To Detox Your Body

How To Detox Your Body ate too much, you plan on eating a lot, or your body is just in need of a cleanse. Even if you go for healthy food on the regular, you can still feel stuffed with discomfort after eating a lot. This is a common problem among many people, and we want to help you with your digestion and detox. Here are some helpful ideas on how to detox your body in a healthy way.

The Night Of

detox your body

Right after eating a huge meal, it’s important to start the detox process right away to feel your best. A great supplement is chewable papaya enzymes that help promote digestion. On hand, you may have some warm beverages to promote digestion in general. Any kind of herbal tea such as ginger tea, chamomile, and peppermint all improve digestion in your body for detoxing. An important thing to remember though is to not lie down for two to three hours after eating. It might be very tempting to sleep after eating a lot or relax during a food coma, however it’s best to stand up and walk around to avoid indigestion and acid reflex. A 30-minute post-meal walk outside with your family or friends is ideal to help clear glucose from the bloodstream and lower blood sugar levels. You want the vital organs to stay in good working conditions when you want to detox your body, so start a post-meal walk to get the blood flowing and the digestive organs working.

The Next Morning

detox your body

Now that it is the next morning, it’s time to get to work again. Eat a healthy breakfast with tons of fiber to get things moving. Oatmeal is a great option since it’s high in insoluble fiber, great for detoxing. In addition, you should drink plenty of water. The insoluble fiber needs water to help it do its magic, as your body needs a ton of it as well. Water is key in helping your body digest and eliminate waste, so stick to that drink all day. Additionally, if you don’t already take probiotics, start now. Taking probiotics supplements aid in cleansing the body all on their own. They efficiently absorb the good stuff and eliminate the bad, helping your guts out tremendously.

The Rest Of The Day

detox your body

As far as the rest of the day goes, you should continue the same routine to detox your body. Keep eating foods with high insoluble fiber, such as carrot sticks and whole wheat bread. If you want to switch up your water drink, add apple cider vinegar as a detox helper. Furthermore, get your body moving. Exercise stimulates the intestines and will get things moving as well. A little motion and a little sweating actually helps the body process and burn the extra calories that you consumed. Plus, a good workout helps eliminate any guilt from your eating behavior last night, and you can properly break down all the fat from the meals. You can easily keep track of your steps and calories with a smart watch or activity tracker.

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