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The Best Inexpensive Smartwatches

The Best Inexpensive Smartwatches

January 13, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

The best smartwatches are ones that make your life easier - and doesn't break the bank. The smartwatch market is growing vastly alongside smart phones. As the manufacturers continue to grow, new features are being added to their products and technology can become more affordable. If you want to save money and jump on the bandwagon, try one of the below, best, inexpensive smartwatches- all selling for under $100!

iTOUCH Air 2- $59.99

the best inexpensive smartwatches

Another best-seller and affordable smartwatch by iTouch Wearables is the iTOUCH Air 2. This friendly smartwatch connects both your social and fitness life, showcasing a new heart rate monitor, a square dial, and a silicone strap for added comfort. This cheap smartwatch also features interchangeable straps and an all-new metal case and glass face for increased durability. It doesn't get better than this for the price!

iTOUCH Air- $59.99

the best inexpensive smartwatches

Designed for today's connected life, the iTOUCH AIR smartwatch has you covered for every situation. Steps, calories, distance, and sleep trackers help you monitor your health, while the camera and music remote makes your leisure time more enjoyable. Notifications, calculator, and sedentary reminder have you covered while at work. The iTOUCH AIR is sleeker, a more rounded and lighter smartwatch than its predecessor with additional features and functions. It also comes in two different case sizes. Wear it your way with its interchangeable strap feature.

iFitness Pulse- $39.99

the best inexpensive smartwatches

If you want an affordable smartwatch brand, then look no further. iTOUCH Wearables offers an array of inexpensive fitness trackers, including the best-seller iFitness Pulse. You won't find another fitness tracker on the market for this low of a price, $39.99. This wrist watch will be your go-to device to help meet your fitness goals. You can easily track your calories and steps, all while staying connected using its free mobile app. The best part is you can still be fashion-oriented with a stylish assortment of different colors and printed interchangeable bands to fit your mood of the day.

iTouch Curve- $49.99

the best inexpensive smartwatches

Another super affordable smartwatch is the iTouch Curve. This cheap smartwatch is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices and syncs wirelessly. It's perfect for active users looking for something more than your standard smartwatch, while still having that classic analog look. It sells on their website for $49.99, as you can get it shipped to you immediately.

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