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How To Do A Proper Pull Up

How To Do A Proper Pull Up

April 28, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Pull ups are a great arm exercise - as long as you do them correctly. Many people will grab any bar they can find and lift their bodies as many times as they can. However, many people lack the proper pull up technique. If you’re afraid of making a mistake when it comes to doing pull ups incorrectly, or you can’t quite do one, don't worry. Keep reading to learn exactly how to do a proper pull up.

Why Do Proper Pull Ups?

how to do a proper pull up

Proper pull ups can be considered one of the most important exercises in an exercise routine. This is because they're way more effective than simple bicep curls, and truly tests your upper body strength. Both pull ups and chin ups deliver benefits - and yes they're a difference between the two. A proper pull up is when your hands are facing away from you. This will work your back muscles and biceps. On the other hand, a chin up is when your hands are facing towards you. Although this also works your back, it has more emphasis on your biceps.

How To Do A Proper Pull Up

how to do a proper pull up

To begin a proper pull up, you first need to find a bar that will support your body weight. This can be something outside, a playground with monkey bars, pull up bars in the gym, or your doorway in your home. Then, grab it with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width, with your hands facing away from you. Let your body hang all the way down. Next, pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar, slightly pause, and lower yourself all the way back down. As you go back up, you want to really concentrate on isolating your back and biceps. And please - don’t swing!

Get Better At Proper Pull Ups

how to do a proper pull up

Practice makes perfect, and the same goes for proper pull up technique. Once you completed a single pull up correctly, work on doing them in sets. Do one pull up, then wait a minute or two and do another one, and so on. A few days later, try to do two in a row, and do a few sets of two. You get the point moving forward. Basically you need to start somewhere, and be sure not to cheat yourself by only going halfway down and not going all the way up. Straighten your arms out at the bottom, and get your chin over the bar each time. You'll start to see an improvement in your biceps and upper body strength in no time.

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