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How To Winter-Proof Your Workouts

How To Winter-Proof Your Workouts

November 21, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Working out in the winter can be tough. There are so many times we just feel like getting cozy on the couch and wrapping ourselves up in a blanket. However if you want to stay updated on your winter workouts, there are things you can do to help. Continue reading for ways to winter-proof your workouts. 

Say Hello To The Cold

How To Winter-Proof Your Workouts

The first thing you need to do is to get up from the couch. It may be nice and warm, but you need to shake it off and get outside. After work, do not be tempted to get into comfy clothing. Once you do, there is no way that you are getting up to exercise. You should change into warm clothing for working out outside. If you do not have the appropriate clothing for winter workouts, then treat yourself to some. New clothing can be just the motivation that you need to continue working out in the cold. If you normally workout outside but the ground is covered with snow and ice, don't let that stop you! Exercising is not only for the warmer months. Use this as the advantage to start exploring. Try new activities like skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. You might find a new love for winter fitness.There are so many other ways to burn calories in the cold. Even if you just shovel the snow for an hour, that burns about 200 calories!

Cold Effects

How To Winter-Proof Your Workouts

The cold can have some harmful effects on the body. Breathing in cold air can restrict the air ways and cause things like coughing, wheezing, a tight chest, and increase your chances of a heart attack. You should always be wearing a scarf or mask when working out, especially if you have heart or lung issues. You should also wear a hat because you lose the most heat from your head. Your feet and hands should always be covered to prevent frostbite as well. Be sure that your shoes have some traction to help when walking over ice and snow. If you have not worked out in the cold weather beforehand, you should start with smaller exercises and work your way up slowly. The cold weather can put a lot of stress on the body.  

Change Your Goals & Stay Motivated 

How To Winter-Proof Your Workouts

Everyone has fitness goals they want to keep. In the summer we are more likely to stick to these goals. This doesn't have to change in the winter. Maybe you are not going to set a specific amount of time to workout like you would during the summer, maybe you are just going to change your eating habits. You should set small goals that you know will be achievable for yourself. For example, during holiday meals, make your goal to eat one piece of dessert instead of 2 or 3. You can also plan ahead for the warmer months to help you stay motivated. Thinking about swimsuit weather can help from sneaking in those extra snacks or skipping that nightly workout. Positive images help your mind to stay motivated and keep you working towards your goals, too.

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