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5 Gym Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Friend

5 Gym Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Friend

November 12, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

With the holidays coming, gift-giving can become complicated. We always think that if we like the gift, they will too. This is not always the case though, and gift receipts come very handy. Fitness friends are the one gift that is simple and easy this season. Continue reading for gym gift ideas for your fitness friend.

Sneakers & Gym Bags 

5 Gym Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Friend

If you know your friend's style, a new pair of sneakers and a gym bag are the perfect gifts. The one flaw is that you need to know their shoe size. Everyone loves that feeling of putting on a new pair of sneakers. Your fitness friend will definitely lace up their new present the next time they go to the gym. New sneakers are released every month from all major retailers, so this is an easy gift. Sneakers also come in various price ranges. You can spend as much or as little as you want and still give them a great gift. Of course they will need something to carry their sneakers and stuff to the gym. Therefore, a gym bag is the perfect addition to the sneakers. A new gym bag is perfect for anyone who goes from the gym onto the rest of their daily activities without stopping. They can put all their necessities into their new bag and continue on with their day. Today with everyone's busy life, most people carry their gym supplies with them. This forces them to fit in a quick workout before going home. Sneakers and gym bags are fun gifts that any gym fanatic will enjoy! 

CBD Cream 

5 Gym Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Friend

What doesn't contain CBD today? NOTHING. CBD is in now all or most products. If you're looking for a holiday gift for an athlete or fitness guru, then this is the perfect one. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is found in hemp plants. It is not intoxicating by any means and contains zero THC. CBD sports creams help with cooling and heating sore muscles when needed. Creams such as these promote healing factors for the body. Most creams also contain shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil to hydrate and heal dry skin. CBD products are becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world, so your fitness friends will enjoy this item for sure. CBD creams can be found at most stores in your area. CBD is a natural ingredient that can help with various issues dealing with the body. 

Wireless Headphones

5 Gym Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Friend

While it seems like many people are walking around with wireless headphones, some are still not. Wireless headphones have many great benefits. They allow for people to exercise without the danger of getting any wires tangled. If your wires get tangled up while on a machine, you may fall and hurt yourself. They also allow people to keep their phone in a safe place while exercising. Wireless headphones do not require your phone to be by your side, as it just needs to be in the same area. The distance is usually about 10-30 feet. A lot of people are reluctant to buy headphones without a wire because they feel that they are not going to stay in their ears or they will fall out. This is the complete opposite, as most companies offer a stylish case with them and assurance that they will not fall out. Many tech companies offer a type of wireless pods. If you know that your fitness partner does not have a pair of wireless headphones, this will be their favorite gift of the season. No one should be using headphones with a wire anymore! 


5 Gym Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Friend

If you haven't heard about the hydroflask, then you have done something wrong. This will probably be rated the number one fitness gift this season, which makes it an awesome gift. To athletes and gym goers, water is the most essential thing they need to bring with them. The hydroflask allows water to stay colder or hotter for extended periods of time. You can even use it for smoothies or coffee during the week. They are not heavy or big, which makes them easy to travel with and carry. They fit in a normal sized cup holder. It is a top brand in reusable water bottles. Having one of these bottles reduces the need to use plastic. We can save the environment and stay healthy at the same time!  

Athletic Clothing

5 Gym Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Friend

The number one thing your fitness friend needs to go to the gym is clothing. You can never have too many possibilities for clothes. If you know their favorite brand or what specifically they like to wear, you can purchase some new, cute clothing for them. They can look great the next time they decide to workout! You may even give them the option to pick out their own clothing and alleviate some of the hassle by giving them a gift card to their favorite store. They can choose their own pieces with you in mind. Athletic clothing is now a category all on its own. Stores are branching out to include comfy clothing that can be worn to the gym or on a casual day. Your fitness friends will be thanking you when they open your gracious gift of a new outfit.

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